A Wave of Storm Season Sub-Contracting Builds the Foundation for a Future of Prime Contracting

Assistance Provided from US Federal Contractor Registration

Houma, Louisiana, May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Making connections helped Universal Constructions LLC gain their first federal opportunities. They constructed the foundation for a school and a few Coast Guard buildings years ago.

In just the last year, Universal Constructions LLC has performed on five separate contracts as a sub-contractor. The company's story is the perfect example of how to build your past performance with sub-contracting opportunities. Businesses can leverage this experience in the federal sector when it comes time to bid on their first contract as prime. This story also demonstrates how important it is to be ready for the major swing in business, when everything can start to snowball in the right direction.

Finding Opportunity with US Federal Contractor Registration

Tommie Jenkins, Owner of Universal Constructions LLC, (DUNS #614338767) is an entrepreneur who is picking up momentum in the federal marketplace. As a provider of construction services, his federal career gained a lot of momentum after the 2017 hurricane season. He contacted Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne II in hopes of providing some service in Houston following Hurricane Harvey. It wasn’t long until Tommie was providing simultaneous debris removal services as a sub-contractor in both Houston and Miami.

John Wayne was able to make referrals for Tommie to get the ball rolling. Tommie also notes that USFCR was able to super-charge his SAM Registration with advice about how to properly build his capability statement and match it up with his SAM profile. When I asked Tommie if this was helpful to his business, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course it was!”

Managing Simultaneous Contracts

Today, Tommie is now managing four simultaneous contracts across three states and Puerto Rico. He shifted from providing debris removal to renovating and reconstructing houses. The best news is that he soon will bid for his first federal contract as a prime. He has made some connections while working in Puerto Rico that may lead to a place of preference in the bidding process for a HUD Housing Development Contract. Tommie is confident that with his experience, capability and connections, he will win.

Universal Constructions LLC registered in SAM prior to the storm season. So when it came time to take advantage of the moment, he was ready. In order to be ready for success like Tommie Jenkins, businesses must take the initiative and get registered in SAM as soon as possible. The registration process in SAM is complex, but US Federal Contractor Registration provides a solution to this complexity. Not only do USFCR clients receive accurate registration through USFCR’s Case Management Department, but also they receive a dedicated case manager to admin the account.

Becoming a Verified Vendor with USFCR

A business will be considered a Verified Vendor only if the SAM process is completed through USFCR. Verified Vendors receive a seal for their marketing materials after registering with a USFCR Case Manager. With the Verified Vendor Seal proudly displayed, all of the contract specialists who see it will know that the registration is accurate, complete and compliant. This makes a world of difference for a small business getting started in federal contracting.

Advanced Procurement Portal

A recent development for all US Federal Contractor Registration clients is that they receive access to the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP). APP is a system that allows businesses to find current opportunities, perform market research, uncover subcontracting opportunities and easily manage relationships between both government agents and commercial vendors. It is truly invaluable technology for businesses looking to be successful with the federal government.


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