2NDGEAR Awarded CESA Purchasing Contract for New and Refurbished IT Equipment, Leasing Options and Related Services

2NDGEAR is CESA’s only approved vendor providing schools throughout the state of WI with refurbished equipment and leasing options

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2NDGEAR, a subsidiary of Insight Investments, LLC, today announced that CESA Purchasing has awarded the company a contract for new and refurbished IT products, leasing as an option, and associated services. 2NDGEAR is the only CESA approved vendor offering members refurbished products and leasing options. The contract enables 2NDGEAR to provide access to its full line of products including brand-name laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, networking equipment, and more, as well as related services to schools in Wisconsin.

“CESA is an important program in Wisconsin providing support for schools across the state by connecting them with pre-approved vendors for required products and services,” said Leroy Wyman, General Manager, 2NDGEAR. “We work with schools nationwide, and in our experience, districts need access to more affordable ways to acquire current technology for students and faculty. 2NDGEAR has been refurbishing IT equipment including laptops and desktops for 30 years and our technicians are dedicated to producing the highest quality, like-new, re-certified products.”

CESA Purchasing is a statewide Wisconsin cooperative of CESA 2 that works with local and national vendors to provide contracts to K-12 schools, libraries, technical colleges, universities, municipalities, and other non-profit educational entities. By combining purchasing power, schools and organizations can obtain substantial volume discounts on technology hardware, roofing and flooring, office supplies, and more. CESA Purchasing makes it easy for its members to take advantage of discounts and deals already negotiated by CESA 2.

2NDGEAR’s refurbished and new IT equipment addresses the needs of CESA Purchasing members that require top quality, cost-effective technology solutions. Additionally, with 2NDGEAR as a new vendor, members now have access to leasing options which help to create flexible programs that maximize available budget for acquiring and upgrading technology. 2NDGEAR’s successful history serving school districts across the country ensures that CESA Purchasing members will receive an outstanding experience and great results.

For more information on 2NDGEAR’s offerings and the CESA Purchasing program visit: http://www.cesapurchasing.org/2ndgear.

2NDGEAR, a subsidiary of Insight Investments, LLC, is a leading supplier of new, recertified and refurbished IT equipment and software from partners including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Adobe and more. Offering IT implementation and support services including data destruction, imaging, deployment, office technology relocation, asset liquidation and warehouse outsourcing, 2NDGEAR supports the entire IT lifecycle. An established company respected for its uncommon dedication to service, 2NDGEAR has served thousands of businesses and educational institutions across the U.S. For more information, visit www.2NDGEAR.com. 

Christy Kemp