The Acheson Group (TAG) and SafetyChain Software Announce New Risk Assessment Tool for the Food and Beverage Industry

San Rafael, CA/Bigfork, MT, May 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Acheson Group (TAG), a global food and beverage risk management consulting company, along with SafetyChain Software, the leading provider of food quality management software, announces the launch of the TAG Risk Assessment Tool. Hosted on SafetyChain Software’s robust SaaS quality management platform, The TAG Risk Assessment Tool provides food and beverage companies a more effective and sustainable approach to assessing and managing risk in their supply chain. 

Drawing from TAG’s extensive work with food and beverage companies worldwide, the TAG Risk Assessment Tool, powered by SafetyChain, incorporates best practice methodologies to help companies:

  • Systematically improve the process of assessing supplier and product risk
  • Validate highest areas of risk through contextualizing supplier and product data
  • Make more informed decisions on supplier, product and overall risk tolerance protocols
  • Allocate resources appropriately based on higher risk product and supplier combinations

Key functionality of the TAG Risk Assessment Tool includes:

  • Extensive library of configurable questionnaires to evaluate risk for both product and suppliers
  • Built-in reporting and analytics to weigh and compare risk rankings including drill-down capabilities to determine risk drivers
  • Tracking of trends including gaps and risk mitigation improvements

To ensure the successful setup and usage of the tool, TAG subject matter experts help configure the system to map to the company’s risk mitigation strategies. Through this process, companies can identify gaps in risk management protocols, supporting ongoing and continuous improvement. As part of the service offering, TAG also offers quarterly or annual reviews of tool data points to help guide risk assessments.

“Controlling supply chain risk is not only critical from a food and beverage safety perspective but also now a regulatory requirement for many,” says Dr. David Acheson, CEO and President of TAG. Acheson continued, “Companies are faced with the challenge of where to put limited resources for supply chain risk control. The TAG Risk Assessment Tool is designed to allow companies to use science and risk assessment to focus on key areas of supply chain risk and develop targeted and cost-effective risk management strategies that will support both regulatory compliance and brand protection.”

The TAG Risk Assessment Tool was built on SafetyChain’ s industry-leading SaaS quality management system to take advantage of a feature-rich, highly-secure SaaS platform with robust reporting and analytic tools.   

“SafetyChain Software is pleased to offer TAG’s industry leading comprehensive risk assessment tool as an integral part of its Quality Management System.” commented SafetyChain’s CEO Barry Maxon. Maxon continued: “As food safety professionals know, risk assessments are fundamental and essential elements to all food safety plans. And the TAG Risk Assessment Tool is the most adaptable and comprehensive one available in the marketplace today. Teaming together, TAG and SafetyChain advance best-in-class development, management, and maintenance capabilities for food safety plans never before offered to the food industry.”

The TAG Risk Assessment Tool is available as part of the SafetyChain Quality Management suite or as a separate offering. Learn more at: or

About The Acheson Group (TAG)

The Acheson Group (TAG) is a global food and beverage risk management consulting company dedicated to helping clients protect their brand. Providing guidance and expertise worldwide, TAG helps companies throughout the food and beverage supply chain more effectively mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, and ensure regulatory and non-regulatory compliance.

About SafetyChain Software

SafetyChain is a Food Quality Management System (QMS) that helps food and beverage companies improve productivity, profitability and compliance. Our suite of FSQA solutions includes food quality management software, food safety software and supplier compliance software all integrated on a flexible, user-friendly software platform that captures, manages and analyzes real-time operations data.

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