TiCad has handmade golf trolleys down to a tee

LONDON, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Although advances in technology drive quick and cheap production, the demand for high-quality handmade products remains strong on golf courses. Germany-based manufacturer TiCad, for example, produces award-winning handcrafted golf trolleys and has become a must-have for any keen golfer.

The latest edition of World Finance takes a look at TiCad’s impressive portfolio, which includes five hand trolleys and four electric models, all of which are customisable to every golfer’s taste. Each component of the trolley is expertly handmade and undergoes a rigorous quality check at each stage. Such dedication has allowed TiCad to build a close relationship with both its customers and industry commentators alike.

TiCad has been hitting holes-in-ones since it first opened for business, winning the German Industry Innovation Award in 1989. TiCad’s commitment to its artistry over the years recently led the German manufacturer to be welcomed into the prestigious Meisterkreis Deutschland network, an organisation showcasing the excellence of German engineering.

Standing the test of time, the TiCad Star has remained a popular choice on golf courses around the world since its launch in 1991, due to its lightweight, elegant design. For its creative intellectual content, the TiCad Star was recognised as a work of applied art by the Regional Court of Frankfurt in 2003.

Using the latest technology, TiCad has adapted its top-of-the-line models to feature a power supply to charge smartphones, and a powerful sports drive to steer easily through hilly courses. Furthermore, the company has delved into app terrain, providing golfers with information to find the nearest golf course, track scores, store notes and more.

TiCad’s innovation is widely recognised by experts and its approach to intricate design and refined functionality has clearly delivered a benchmark to the rest of the industry.

To find out more about TiCad and its status in the golf industry, check out the latest issue of World Finance, available in print, online and on tablet now.


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