Introducing Trainerize Pay: Taking Clients from Ready to Buy to Ready to Train in Seconds

Trainerize releases a powerhouse business automation and payment collection feature that changes the way fitness professionals sell and deliver online personal training services

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trainerize, the leading personal training software, announces the official launch of Trainerize Pay: a brand new feature designed to let fitness professionals automate their entire business from program creation, through online marketing, all the way to program delivery and final sale.

Trainerize Pay isn’t just a payment processing tool, it’s a fully integrated automation engine that saves fitness professionals valuable time and effort and takes clients and members from ready to buy to ready to train faster than ever before.

It works by allowing fitness professionals and businesses to build online training programs and seamlessly convert them into digital products they can easily market and sell virtually anywhere online using shareable and embeddable links. Then, when a client makes a purchase, Trainerize Pay and its automation features jump into action, walking the client through the account setup process, building their profile, collecting their payment, and delivering their purchased product straight to their phone. All of this happens in minutes, making Trainerize Pay the most seamless experience on the market when it comes to both buying and selling online training.

“We know from our customers that one of the biggest challenges when it comes to running an efficient fitness business is client setup and program delivery,” said Trainerize CEO, Sharad Mohan on the recent release of Trainerize Pay. “We also know that happy clubs and trainers start with happy members and clients. So, we built Trainerize Pay with that in mind, where, if I’m a client and I make the decision to step up and buy personal training services, the moment I pay I get an app in my hands, already loaded with content that’s immediately useful and customized to me. As a client, I can start living a better life, literally, now.”

The response to Trainerize Pay, released in BETA last year, has already been overwhelmingly positive, with its all-in-one-place approach and flexible payment options ranking high among the reasons fitness professionals love it. Tim Hennigan, owner of Portland-based fitness studio, The Body Shop, had this to say on Trainerize Pay:

“Before Trainerize Pay, I was using a couple different platforms to get my clients set up with training programs and payments—and there was a lot of time-consuming admin work that went along with that. Now that I can do it all through Trainerize, I'm saving valuable time and I can get clients set up and training in only a few minutes. It's like, with a click of a mouse, my business is on autopilot. Trainerize Pay has really made it simple for me to keep my system organized and give my clients an amazing experience from the word "go". The best part is that the time I don’t have to spend monkeying with payments or client setup allows me to spend more time focusing on the most important part of my business, the people I work with.”

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About Trainerize:
In this digital age, working out is no longer connected to a physical space. Trainerize is an online personal training software that empowers fitness professionals and fitness studios worldwide to reach, engage, and motivate people, to change their lives for the better. Trainerize is making fitness more accessible by connecting more people to fitness professionals who can help them workout, eat better, and improve their habits. By combining online workout and nutrition tracking, meal planning, client communication, and access to the world’s best fitness add-ons, Trainerize allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients.

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