Canadian researchers connect to end homelessness in communities

Researchers from across the country are meeting in Calgary for the 3rd Annual Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative to connect and to share data on ending homelessness in Canada

CALGARY, Alberta, May 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Researchers from across the country are gathering today for an extended two day event to discuss ways data and research can make a difference in Canadian communities. The University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy and Calgary Homeless Foundation are hosting Data That Makes a Difference – the 3rd Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative at the School of Public Policy at University of Calgary’s Downtown Campus (906 8th Avenue S.W., Calgary). This event is significant in the homelessness research community because it offers a venue where researchers from across Canada can meet face-to-face and discuss their successes and strategies. This annual event has created Canada-wide communications, collaborations and partnerships between researchers focused on ending homelessness. By sharing data related to homelessness with other researchers, it becomes possible to support new and more impactful analysis and produce more accurate results to inform the allocation of resources towards ending homelessness in our communities.

Each presenter’s data is focused around the core question: “how can our data make a difference?” Presenters will describe and discuss how their data sets address homelessness, and attendees are in for a day full of thought-provoking questions which will foster discussion on future research and collaboration.

The purpose of the event is to spark new research ideas and generate questions pertaining to how research can positively affect individuals experiencing homelessness. Day one will focus on discussions among researchers across the spectrum about how to get more from our data both collectively and individually. The focus of day two is to highlight innovative practices in data utilization, analysis, and dissemination, and how data is being utilized to drive impact in the homeless-serving sector.

The partnership between Calgary Homeless Foundation and the School of Public Policy allows for a union of homeless-serving sector knowledge through an academic platform. The two organizations work closely to provide increased understanding of how public policy and research can consistently improve quality of care for those experiencing homelessness. The hope of both Calgary Homeless Foundation and the School of Public Policy is that partnerships will emerge, nation-wide, and create a Canadian network of collaborative, data-informed homelessness research.


"To solve the problem of homelessness we need to understand who experiences it, how they experience it, and how those who have escaped it have succeeded. The more and better quality data we share, the faster we will learn the answers to these questions” said Dr.  Ron Kneebone, Scientific Director of  Social Policy and Health Research, School of Public Policy, U of C. “Sharing data and comparing research results in an open, supportive forum is an important part of the effort to address the problem of homelessness. Understanding that is the reason for this initiative."

"The Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative is the only initiative of its kind in Canada; it may be the only initiative of its kind in the world. This is the only time the administrators of data on homeless people come together at one event with the researchers who use it,” said Dr. Nick Falvo, Director of Research and Data at the Calgary Homeless Foundation. "To end homelessness, we need good analysis. To do the analysis, researchers need to know what data is available. This event allows that to happen and involves the sharing of data across jurisdictions. The more we share the data, the more robust our data sets and the better our research."

May 28, 2018 and May 29, 2018
Ticketed event
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

The School of Public Policy at University of Calgary’s Downtown Campus
 906 8th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB, T2P 1H9      

To view the full event agenda, click here.

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