Renewable Energy and Power Enters Cannabis Cultivation Vertical with Proprietary PowerStac Green Power and Energy Storage System

                                              Uninterrupted power supply of emission-free energy at a lower cost and longer life key for cannabis growing 

LAS VEGAS, NV. , June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --   Renewable Energy and Power (OTC:RBNW, or “REAP”), today announced that the company has bid to provide both lighting and power for a large licensed cannabis growing facility to be located in Monterey County, California.

The company’s divisions of LED Lites USA (, Solar Hybrid Energy (, Power Stac ( and NetZeroFarms (, together offer a complete package for commercial growing enterprises.

LED Lites USA will install its state-of-the-art, computer-controlled high-power LED grow lights which offer full spectrum programmable wavelengths for healthier plants and increased harvest cycles.

Sol-Hy’s solar-powered thin-film panels generate and store energy using all light frequencies except those used by plants in photosynthesis.  This  produces full solar power while leaving the maximum possible flow of light used by the plants for growth.

Excess power provided by the solar panels will be stored to provide nighttime power through the use of the company’s Power Stac® vanadium redox large scale energy storage system which is superior to lithium-ion as the electrolyte isn’t consumed or degraded through repeated charge and discharge cycles, extending life and minimizing maintenance.  And as it uses a single electrolyte, there is no danger of cross-contamination.

“The companies expertise in both lighting and power allows us to offer a complete package to commercial growing projects,” noted REAP CEO Donald MacIntyre.  “The commercial cannabis market is increasing at such a rate that it will offer continuing opportunities.  Another market we’re enthused about is urban farming located in discontinued facilities in urban areas.  Our NetZeroFarms division offers rooftop greenhouses that we believe will be another expanding market for our lighting and power products.”

About Renewable Energy and Power

REAP seeks to make the Green Energy market cost competitive with fossil fuels through innovation in solar, wind-power and LED lighting. Federal and state legislation in the United States provide for tax incentives that drive businesses and consumers to replace older technologies with new solar and LED alternatives of the types offered by REAP.

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