Los Angeles Coalition Offers Sage Advice to LA County Tenant Protections Working Group

Property owners given limited ability to join the conversation about rental housing issues

LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Los Angeles Coalition for Responsible Housing Solutions, an association of housing and property experts from across Los Angeles County, will provide public testimony before the Los Angeles County Tenant Protections Working Group on Wednesday at 8 AM. Thus far, the conversation surrounding tenant protections and rent stabilization has been driven without substantial input from property owners. The working group has agreed to allow some discussion on the policies proposed, but it is unclear if the working group will allow full participation at any point.

“We strongly believe the housing crisis is a shared challenge with shared solutions. We have experience and expertise needed to create an economically viable and tenant centered approach that will increase affordable housing in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. We sincerely hope the County will take our comments, ideas and concerns seriously before implementing any policies. The absolute last thing we want to do is make it more difficult to afford to live in Southern California,” noted James Litz, Coalition Executive Board member.

Unincorporated Los Angeles County has, according the County’s own data, approximately 300,000 housing units, of which 40% are renter occupied. With only 4.5% of the land in the unincorporated County zoned for residential development, over 70% consists of single-family housing. Within the context of the unincorporated areas, the working group has considered a range of topics including just cause eviction, rent stabilization and relocation assistance.

A study conducted by the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley suggests that “strict rent controls—which would become legal under a full repeal of Costa-Hawkins—constrain new housing supply and lead to the removal of existing units from the market.” Rent stabilization, even in Southern California jurisdictions that have adopted it, does not have a financial means test, which causes some renters to benefit even though they are not the target economic demographic.

Litz continued that, “we want the County to move forward with responsible solutions because we are equally at risk as tenants. Rent stabilization efforts in other jurisdictions have actually reduced housing stock by influencing tenant mobility and made it more difficult for property owners to make improvements on the property. Coupled with increased fees, taxes and utility costs, the impacts could harm everyone.”

About the Los Angeles Coalition for Responsible Housing Solutions:
The Los Angeles Coalition for Responsible Housing Solutions includes housing and economic experts from across Los Angeles County. The Coalition has a broad membership reaching from the Antelope Valley to Long Beach and from Santa Monica to the San Gabriel Valley. We are small property owners, apartment associations, REALTORS®, commercial property managers and business associations. We seek an inclusive and productive dialogue between tenants and property owners. For more information, visit our www.LAhousingCoalition.com


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