Scale to Discuss How Self-Driving Cars Will Handle Unexpected Real-World Scenarios at The Information’s Autonomous Vehicles Summit

Together with Toyota Research Institute and Index Ventures, Scale CEO Alexandr Wang to provide insights into how AVs can process an infinite array of edge cases on the road

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scale today announced its sponsorship and participation at The Information’s Autonomous Vehicles Summit, held June 14th in San Francisco. The company – which democratizes access to intelligent data for AI application development – works with autonomous vehicle customers such as Voyage and nuTonomy to accelerate time-to-market. Among Scale’s human-in-the-loop data labeling solutions for AV companies is Sensor Fusion, which turns customers’ raw LIDAR and RADAR input into annotated data that trains their 3D perception models.

Scale, represented by CEO Alexandr Wang, will analyze how the autonomous vehicle industry can prepare sensor detection for previously unknown or uncertain circumstances and objects, how to classify them (such as pedestrian, animal, or object), and how to predict if or where they might move. The talk will also discuss the challenge of avoiding false positives that lead to unnecessary reaction.

“There is no realistic way to simulate every driving scenario or every new object that autonomous vehicles will encounter on the road,” said Wang. “The success of AVs is contingent on vehicles knowing how to respond to what we call ‘edge cases’ – scenarios that haven’t been through a simulator or specifically planned for. As we all know from our own experiences behind the wheel, every commute, every getaway, and every errand brings different and oftentimes brand new driving variables. How can AV systems be prepared for uncertainty? I look forward to discussing this critical topic alongside Toyota Research Institute and Index Ventures.”

Details on this session:

  • Who: Alexandr Wang (CEO, Scale), Adrien Gaidon (Machine Learning Lead, Toyota Research Institute), Mike Volpi (General Partner, Index Ventures)
  • What: “Living on the Edge Case: How Autonomous Vehicles Can Deal with an Extremely Messy World”
  • When: 10:00am, June 14
  • Where: Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

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About Scale

Scale accelerates the development of AI by democratizing access to intelligent data. By leveraging its API for autonomous vehicles and other use cases, businesses depend on Scale to turn raw information into the human-labeled training data that dependably powers their AI applications. Scale uses a combination of high-quality human task work, smart tools, statistical confidence checks and machine learning to consistently return scalable, precise data. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.


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