League and Molecular You Partner to Provide Employees with Personalized Health Assessments for Early Detection and Preventive Healthcare

Opens up personal health assessments to the whole workforce

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- League Inc., the disruptive health benefits platform, and Molecular You, the personalized health company, are joining forces to give employees in North America more control over their health with access to comprehensive annual health assessments. While executives in many organizations in North America already have these health assessments for themselves, this partnership allows for more employees to take advantage of programs aimed at early risk detection and preventive action.

Molecular You will be available in League’s digital benefits marketplace across Canada initially, at an exclusive price point. It will also be specifically available for employers who wish to directly purchase Molecular You assessments to accommodate their employees as part of their benefits plan.

League is the first health benefits provider in North America to provide Molecular You’s personalized health assessments through employer sponsored benefits packages. For employees, it is a chance to get a full picture of inherited risks, current health and potential future risks. Unlike pure genetics testing, which reports inherited health risks, Molecular You assessments also look at the vast range of dynamic biomarkers involved in diet, lifestyle and environment. For employers, it is an opportunity to ensure they are providing a comprehensive benefits package and reduce costs associated with loss of work productivity due to illness.

Molecular You offers a range of packages to suit individual health concerns and priorities. Baseline gives a snapshot of health and can detect an early warning of diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Core analyzes nutritional imbalances and environmental toxins and is aimed at people who want to optimize their diet. Premium is targeted at optimizing health and performance and covers the full range of metabolites, nutrients, exposures and proteins. It is suitable for people with existing conditions, family history and age-related concerns. Genetics can be added to any of the packages and includes pharmacogenetics reports on medications that may pose a risk or cause an adverse reaction.

“League was founded on the concept of giving employees the flexibility and control to choose their benefits and invest in a healthy lifestyle,” said Swati Matta, Director of Health Initiatives for League. “Giving our members the opportunity to discover their personal health risks and take control of their health fits well with our mandate. Our partnership with Molecular You is opening up comprehensive health assessments to a much wider portion of the workforce.”

“People want more control over their health,” commented Robert Fraser, CEO of Molecular You. “For some, our assessments provide an early warning of health risks and a chance to reverse it. For others, it is more about optimizing diet and performance. We also provide action plans to help people address any health risks and stay healthy.”

“Many people don’t realize that genetics is only one part of the puzzle,” explained Fraser. “70-90% of your disease risk is actually due to your diet, environmental exposures and lifestyle. We look at a full range of biomarkers, including genetics, to give you a complete picture of your current and future health.”

About League
League is the new digital alternative to traditional health insurance that connects employers and employees to a comprehensive network of health services and benefits, giving them unparalleled choice, convenience and value. League unlocks employee benefits to give everyone the power to act every day and live longer, healthier, happier lives. League Insurance Agency Inc. is a licensed subsidiary of League Inc.

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About Molecular You
Molecular You is a personalized health company with a mission to help people take control of their health through personal health assessments and preventive action plans. The company analyzes the broadest range of biomarkers in North America, from a single blood sample, to give a dynamic view of an individual’s health. MY Health IntelligenceTM is the company’s AI-driven digital health platform that brings together biomarkers, expert analysis and the latest global research in a visually intuitive dashboard.

Find us at www.molecularyou.com, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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