Aragon Research Positions Ramp as Specialist in Globe for Enterprise Video

Evaluation Based on Completeness of Strategy and Performance

BOSTON, July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ramp, the leading provider of next-generation enterprise video delivery solutions for large enterprises, announced today the company has been recognized as a Specialist in The Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Video, 2018. Positioning in the Globe reflects the completeness of Ramp’s future business strategy relative to the company’s performance in fulfilling that strategy in the market. Ramp believes its designation as a Specialist affirms strong execution of a solid strategy focused solely on the successful distribution of video behind the corporate firewall. 

Video has proven to be an engaging and preferred form of communication, and as such the applications for video inside the enterprise continue to expand. Business stakeholders champion the growing use of video-based communications while IT departments work to minimize the impact of this bandwidth-intensive traffic on the network. Enterprise content delivery networks (eCDNs) are network infrastructure solutions that optimize video traffic to significantly reduce bandwidth consumption. Ramp’s AltitudeCDN™ portfolio includes the two most popular eCDN options, multicasting and intelligent caching, with centralized management and analytics to monitor video delivery and quality of experience (QoE).

The Globe notes a variety of Ramp’s strengths, including vendor-neutral SDN infrastructure reinforced by dozens of integrations with enterprise video platforms. The report describes Ramp as “well positioned in Enterprise Video as a key eCDN supplier and natural companion for the Platforms offered by the other providers featured in the Globe.”1  Many of the providers evaluated in the Globe are part of the Ramp partner ecosystem and have integrated their platforms with AltitudeCDN.

“We believe our positioning in the Globe for Enterprise Video by Aragon Research confirms our place in the market as the leading provider of common enterprise streaming infrastructure (CESI),” said Tom Racca, CEO of Ramp. “From large enterprises on the Fortune 100 and 500 to smaller companies with highly-distributed workforces, our customers reflect the state of business video today. Rarely can a company successfully standardize on a single video platform to serve all the needs of the business. However, even when multiple streaming platforms are being used, IT should not have to deploy distinct distribution infrastructure to ensure the successful delivery of video from each platform. Choosing a scalable, software-based CESI solution such as AltitudeCDN allows IT to standardize at the network layer and protect the network even as the use of video continues to grow.”

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2018 is available from the Aragon Research site. More information about AltitudeCDN Multicast+ and OmniCache™ can be found at

About Ramp

Ramp provides next-generation video delivery solutions to help organizations unleash video in the enterprise. Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network, AltitudeCDN™, provides simple and secure multicasting and advanced caching software to optimize video traffic behind the firewall. The result is high-quality, stable transmissions from virtually any video source without expensive network upgrades or proprietary infrastructures and custom video players. Many Global 1000 companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, benefit from Ramp’s enterprise solutions. Ramp is headquartered in Boston and can be reached at (857) 202-3500 or

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1 Aragon Research “The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2018” by Jim Lundy, July 2018.


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