Hydromer, Inc. Presents: Its Newly Patented Spice Hygiene Technology as an All-Natural, Raw Produce Wash, Designed to Help Prevent the Recent Lettuce E-Coli Outbreak That Sickens Many Americans Each Year

BRANCHBURG, NJ, July 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hydromer, Inc. (OTC PINK: HYDI) presents a new technology based on its US Patent on antimicrobial formulations and methods for sanitizing meat products, which has now also shown great merit in potentially combating the recent E-coli outbreaks reported nationally with lettuce products. 

The CDC has issued warnings and recalls on several brands’ raw produce products over the last few months because of recent E-coli contaminations with lettuce. It is widely reported that the industry is taking a big hit in consumer trust, loss of millions of dollars in revenue, and even reporting deaths associated due to contaminated lettuce. 

Hydromer reports that its patented technology utilizes all-natural food-safe ingredients like Oregano Oil Derived Carvacrol, which has been used for thousands of years in the Mediterranean, as an ingredient in food preparations.  Other ingredients include Soy derived Lecithin, which is used extensively in food products and nutritious supplements, and Xanthan Gum, a very well known emulsion stabilizer and food product thickener. Hydromer believes its patented formula would work well, in the lettuce production supply chain, by integrating it into the washing operation before packaging of the raw produce.

“We are looking for industrial leaders and innovators who are willing to work with us on incorporating our new technology into their supply chain and production facilities to combat bacteria contaminated produce. We hope that our new patent and expertise in this area will provide great interest in partnerships and in potential licensing opportunities,” said Eric Becktel, Product Manager, Hydromer, Inc.

Hydromer has a legendary track record of polymer and ingredients innovation. With its team of exceptional PhD. chemists and executive pioneers, it has created over 90 hydrophilic, antimicrobial and anti-fog coatings, as well as a new line of proprietary active botanical (plant based) ingredients and compounds to provide the market with sustainable and more natural alternatives. This vast technology portfolio provides value in many applications in numerous markets including medical devices, animal health, personal care, cosmetics and industrial applications, to name just a few. Hydromer is ISO certified and sells primarily on a B2B basis.  Its enterprise clients include some of the worlds most trusted and renowned companies in the world.  

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