BioNovelus Announces Marvin R Clark Leaving the Board of Directors, and Welcomes Michael D Goodman as New Treasurer and Member of Board of Directors

Phoenix, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  / BioNovelus, Inc. (OTC Pink: ONOV) today announced that Marvin R Clark has stepped down from the Company's board of directors, and as Treasurer for personal reasons, effective June 22, 2018.

"After six years of pursuing a positive change for the world in the 21st century through the reduction or elimination of toxic chemicals, it’s time for our journey to end and a new chapter for us to begin," Clark said. "I believe that our efforts will one day impact the planet for the better."

"Marvin has made a great contribution to BioNovelus since its creation," said Jean Ekobo, President of BioNovelus. "Marvin has invested his valuable time and talent to help us move from ‘a great idea’ to ‘a proof of concept’; we wish him best wishes and will miss his passion for the business."

BioNovelus is pleased to announce the appointment of recognized business and sales consultant Michael D Goodman to its board of directors and as Treasurer. Effective July 06, 2018, Michael Goodman took the position of Treasurer and as a member of the Board of Directors, replacing the vacancy left by Mr. Clark.

Just like BioNovelus, Michael Goodman is a Phoenix native and has extensive experience in the business community, where he is widely respected. Working with thousands of individual sales professionals and hundreds of recognizable Arizona Companies, Michael Goodman has assisted many companies in breaking sales records.

He founded the largest local sales organization in 2001 known as AzSalesPros and also founded Revenue Kinetics LLC a successful sales consultancy. He authored the Solomon Sales System and is in the process of creating the American Sales Academy, a career sales school for matriculating youth.

Michael Goodman has recognized sales as a powerful vehicle for creating change by choice and relationships by intention, not just for increasing commerce, but for making a difference in all walks of life. “The arrival of Michael Goodman opens a new chapter for BioNovelus, strongly geared towards sales and creating ongoing revenues as we have moved out of the start-up phase,” says Jean Ekobo, President of BioNovelus. “For a couple of years, Michael has been following our progress from a distance, and we are happy that he has decided to jump on board now as we focus on distribution and sales, and we needed a sales expert like him.”

Goodman is also currently spearheading an effort to teach foster children a system to develop a career in sales and place them in jobs in which sales skills are needed. Michael has spent the last four years in service to one of the largest personal growth organizations in the world and is a John Maxwell Leadership Founding Partner.

BioNovelus welcomes the addition of Michael Goodman’s high-level expertise, experience and success to its Board of Directors.

About BioNovelus: BioNovelus is a bioscience company that honors the environment with innovative, cost-effective, and disruptive technology-based solutions to crop protection, food security, and health challenges.


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