Kalibrate Blockchain patenting process to eliminate duplicate patient identities

Tackling patient index errors that increase costs and lead to patient injuries

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kalibrate Blockchain, Inc., has filed an application to patent a process that eliminates duplicate patient index identities. The patent-pending process is an essential attribute of the Universal Patient Index currently being developed by the company.

Duplicate patient identities are commonly created during the patient registration process, which involves “identifying” patients by inexact identifiers such as name, address, and date of birth. Address and name changes, misspellings, erroneous treatment dates, and other errors can result in duplicate patient identities within the same health information system.

Duplication of patient identities and records across disparate master patient indexes (MPI’s) is of growing concern among hospitals and healthcare providers. It contributes not only to administrative inefficiency and higher costs but also to incorrect patient diagnosis and treatment as well as severe injury and even death. Data quality standards address but fail to solve the problem.

The Universal Patient Index overcomes this challenge by establishing a blockchain-based universal patient identity for each patient and undiscoverably associating that identity with a patient-controlled digital health wallet. The system’s patent-pending process facilitates detection of duplicate patient identities and digital health wallets and merges them within the Universal Patient Index.


“Inexact matching of patient identity is the root cause of much of what ails health information,” says Calvin Wiese, president of Kalibrate Blockchain. “The Universal Patient Index is designed to eliminate this problem and prevent patient injury and death while also reducing costs that currently burden every aspect of healthcare.”

The Universal Patient Index will facilitate interoperability among electronic health record (EHR) systems without reliance on imperfect “workarounds” currently used to that end, Wiese says. The index will be established through crowdsourcing by healthcare providers and enterprises and will be universally accessible without limitation by enterprise or political boundaries.

Kalibrate Blockchain, Inc., located in Orlando, Florida, is a Wyoming corporation engaged in the development of a Universal Patient Index and associated services to facilitate secure, efficient, and regulatory compliant binding of patient identities and tracking of patient health information. The Kalibrate Blockchain team has expertise in health information management, healthcare problem-solving, medical records, computer science, healthcare finance, and biotech.

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