Asure Software and Density Partner to Make Finding a Meeting Room Easier

Real-time space utilization data improves booking, reporting, and office efficiency so employees don’t have to wait to find an available meeting room

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR), a leading provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) and workplace management software, and Density announced a partnership to deliver a meeting room solution with centralized and streamlined scheduling to ensure efficient utilization of rooms and resources. Asure Software’s meeting room and resource management solutions will integrate with Density’s API to notify employees when rooms are available and facilitate reporting about space utilization and efficiency.

Even with forward planning and complex booking systems, employees waste up to 27 hours a year looking for a place to meet, and 45 percent don't have access to the space they need when they need it. With easy-to-use scheduling tools, all employees can see which meeting rooms are available and reserve the space they need to do their best work, whether that’s a desk, a room, or another resource, across all devices.

Comprehensive reporting tools also benefit facilities managers who need to ensure they are operating efficiently across the corporate real estate portfolio. By providing a better understanding of how and when meeting rooms are used, companies are able to better manage energy and sustainability needs and comply with environmental regulations. Density’s API integration into Asure’s resource scheduler solutions ensures that people will know who’s in a meeting room in real time, and provide usage data that will empower data-driven workplace strategies.

“Density enables us to solve a pain point that everyone who works in an office has experienced,” said Eyal Goldstein, CRO at Asure Software. “The API integration streamlines our reporting and notification tools so that people can see who and how many people are in a room at any given time.”

“By empowering companies with the right space management tools, they will be able to use data about how space is used in real time for the first time,” said Andrew Farah, cofounder and CEO of Density. “As the digital transformation develops, agile, group-based work is replacing old corporate structures. Tech-enabled mobility has ushered in distributed work, people increasingly go to the office to collaborate.”

About Asure Software
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About Density
Density is an anonymous people counting system that provides accurate room-level utilization and attendance data without collecting personally identifiable information (PII). Built by NASA, Apple, and Microsoft alums, Density packs a powerful onboard processor in an elegant design that complements any workplace. Access data through a dashboard or API to understand how efficiently rooms and buildings are used across your real estate portfolio to optimize space for the people who use it.

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