Space, Music, and Flight Lessons Took the Stage of CorpStarter’s Annual Star Show

NEW YORK, Aug. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CorpStarter presented its Sixth Annual CorpStarter Star Show on Aug 17th at Microsoft’s flagship store in Midtown Manhattan, featuring a mixed group of projects led by talented and dedicated entrepreneurs from around the world.

As a very special moment of the event, this year’s keynote speech was presented by Marcus Young, CEO and founding director of Project AK-47, an organization dedicated to rescuing child soldiers from lives of violence and restore their identities. Mr. Young shared a story of Australian medical worker Alexandra Jagelman and her adopted children at the Burma and China border, along with the works they did for children in violence around the world.

The speech was followed by two thought-provoking panel discussions, featuring How Would Innovation Accelerate the Space Economy and How Do You Pitch Investor With Big Ideas.

"We are glad to have guests from all over the world, including Japan, India, Ireland, Canada, and China at CorpStarter Star Show 2018. The purpose is to provide a platform for open discussion of the most inspiring topics ranging from the Space Economy to humanity.” Lijie Zhu, managing director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners, the organizer of CorpStarter, delivered the opening remarks: “While innovative technology is moving forward and people are encouraged to think big, Mr. Marcus Young emphasized that children in poverty also need attention and help. We are honoured to connected this unique projects with the right investors.”

The second half of the event kept its focus on CorpStarter Star Companies. As new members of CorpStarter Star Companies, Global Direct Market Access, KapitalWise, and Lunarizon Inc. made their debuts in CorpStarter Star Show.

Parallel Testing Inc. and Airacer, two Star Companies who presented at last year’s event, returned with exciting updates of technology implementation and business development.

Two publicly traded companies, Taoping (NASDAQ: TAOP) and NowNews Digital Media Technology (OTC: NDMT) shared their observations in the new media industry while bringing their good news to the audience.

Praised by many attendees as the most fulfilling moment of the event, a fresh and compelling performance of quartets from Haydn and Mendelssohn was given by musicians from the Children’s Orchestra Society, led by Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma.

The CorpStarter Star Show is an annual event organized by Dragon Gate Investment Partners. As long-time advocators and supporters of technology innovation and entrepreneurship, Taoping (NASDAQ: TAOP) and NowNews Digital Media Technology (OTC: NDMT) joined forces to support the event and also made presentations.

An invitation-only cocktail reception and dinner party sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield was hosted at their office in Midtown Manhattan. It was attended by thought leaders, industry pioneers, influential investors, and CorpStarter families and friends.

The “Flying a Real Airplane” Challenge wrapped up this year’s event on August 18th in Long Island. 13 participants were set up in nine airplanes as pilots to enjoy an airplane-flying adventure.

Presenting Companies:

Global Direct Market Access, Direct Market Access (DMA) enables traders to submit, buy, or sell orders directly to the order book of an exchange. Traditionally, trading directly with the order book was only available to broker-dealers and market makers, but, DMA enables private firms and investors to directly interact with the order book.

KapitalWise powers deeper relationships between financial institutions and their customers, offering personalized recommendations and helping people set and achieve financial goals. Using the power of machine learning and predictive analytics, our solutions can uncover opportunities for savings and invest, prompt contextual product offers, build scenario-based forecasting and provide deep insight into a customer’s financial life.

Lunarizon Inc. is the first viable lunar habitat solution provider in the world. Its unique air building method is the only 100% airtight building technology of mankind. This technology builds habitable volume in 30 minutes without any labor involved. Lunarizon has finished more than 10 prototypes with this technology already.

Parallel Testing Inc.’s MedCheck™ enables consumers to match their prescription medications to their genetic profile, determining if they are effective and safe. 70% of us have genetic variants making a drug dangerous for one person, safe for another, and ineffective for a third. MedChecks™ will reduce the 350 people who die and 7,400 hospitalized daily from adverse drug reactions. The market is enormous: 205,000,000 Americans take 2+ meds, 35,000,000 average 14 meds. Parallel’s business saves lives and generates extraordinary financial returns.

Airacer is the first and only online marketplace in the General Aviation industry. Founded in 2015, Airacer is located in New York. The multi-cultural team is comprised of former developers from Google and Bloomberg and former commercial pilots. Airacer is the one-stop shopping site for your overall aviation experience. By seamlessly connecting flight service providers to future pilots, flight enthusiasts and AvGeeks, we make flying more accessible to you. Airacer is dedicated to providing a platform where aviation enthusiasts can share their passion with like-minded people. From the moment Airacer launched, we have effortlessly brought you closer to the sky.

Taoping Inc. (formerly known as China Information Technology, Inc.) Nasdaq: TAOP, is a leading cloud-based ad terminal and service provider of digital advertising distribution network and new media resource sharing platform in the Out-of-Home advertising market of China. The Company provides the integrated end-to-end digital advertising solutions enabling customers to distribute and manage ads on ad display terminals. Connecting cloud-based ad terminal owners, advertisers and consumers, it builds up a resource sharing “Smart IoT Terminal - Taoping Net/ App – Taoping E-store” media ecosystem to ultimately achieve the mission “our technology makes advertising and branding affordable and effective for everyone.” To learn more, please visit

NowNews Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd. is a U.S.-listed media holding company focusing on the global Chinese market. The Company’s majority owned subsidiary NOWnews Network (“NOWnews”) engages in creating, collecting and distributing news and information through its website and applications on mobile phones or tablets. NOWnews is the largest online self-produced news content provider of Taiwan and the only Taiwanese online news website fully accessible in Mainland China.

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