FMW Media Works Corp.’s “Exploring The Block” and “NEW TO THE STREET” TV Shows Expand Global Viewership Into Asia with Media and Clients

“Exploring The Block” and “NEW TO THE STREET” Reveal Their Upcoming Interviews For Their September 2018 TV Shows

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media Works, the parent Company of “NEW TO THE STREET” and “Exploring The Block” TV shows, proudly announces the “Letters of Intent”  with major television networks in Japan and South Korea. 

“This will expand our potential viewership reach from 100 million homes to a reach of over 400 million homes.  Our goal in 2019 is to reach a billion homes worldwide per broadcast.  This will make us one of the largest, most diversified business media platforms in the world,” states Vince Caruso, CEO of FMW Media Works Corp.


“Exploring The Block” business TV in September 2018 looks forward to the following CEOs and their companies:

MTC Docademic – The only Cryptocurrency making free healthcare a reality.

LQDEX - (pronounced "liquid-ex") is a decentralized trustless cross-chain digital asset exchange. It allows trading of digital tokens across multiple blockchains without counterparty risk.

Mule Blockchain - leveraging Blockchain to create a decentralized peer to peer network to provide delivery, messenger and warehousing services.

“Our goal at Mule Blockchain is to be able to create millions of new jobs in the new gig economy while we bring exciting new benefits to consumers across the world,” states Ralph Liu, MuleChain’s CEO.

ID Money - is a blockchain solution whose altruistic goal is to provide value to its users while providing a real solution to the problem of homelessness city by city.

Asset Token - is the world’s first transferable rewards points ERC20-compliant token on the Ethereum Network designed to enable financial institutions to quickly, easily and securely manage loyalty programs.

Iagon - harnesses computer processing and storage capacity utilizing decentralized blockchain

WMPro - utilizes proprietary algorithms combined with complex AI and Blockchain to create certifying and rating services.

“This is a great opportunity for WMPro,” states Riccardo Vieri from WMPro. “We are honored to be asked to participate in this special production. Each interview will give us the opportunity to talk to a very significant audience and help viewers become aware of our company and its team, our vision, our solutions and technology, and our product.”

Send Protocol a semi-stable cryptocurrency developed for everyday transactions.

Boliecoin - is the cryptocurrency and the secret driving force for “BoliesTV” innovative Decentralized Live Streaming Video Gaming PVP Platform.

VectorSpace an exchange using “smart baskets” to minimize loss and errors for traders and institutions

IZifinance is a web software program that monitors your business, knows what happens to your cash flow, calculates your VAT return, makes your balance up to date 24/7 and gives you real results.

Exolover - integrating blockchain-powered innovation with patented wearable devices helping the “love making” industry.

Build1x - a blockchain based solution designed to address the the headaches and inefficiencies associated with construction projects

The TV producers and news anchors would also like to announce and congratulate the show’s esteemed host, “BlockChain Czar,” Mr. James Sowers for his being ranked #22 of 50 Angel Investors in the August 5, 2018 article, “50 Angel Investors Based on Investment Volume and Successful Exits” by Alejandro Cremades on


 “NEW TO THE STREET” business TV in September 2018 looks forward to the following CEOs and their companies:

  • Dthera Sciences (OTCQB: DTHR)- Dthera is a digital therapeutics company focused on developing innovative quality of life therapies for the elderly and those suffering from cognitive decline.
  • Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTCPINK: SIRC) – is an integrated solar and roofing installation company specializing in commercial and residential properties with a focus on acquisitions of like companies to build a footprint nationally.
  • GreenBox POS - (OTCQB:GRBX) is a technology company that builds customized payment solutions for a multitude of industries. The company has developed the fastest and safest way to send and process money using Blockchain technology.

The show’s producers are excited to announce that “NEW TO THE STREET” will be filming in September 2018, on location in New Jersey, a 30-minute program about Hammer Fiber Optics Holding Corp. (OTCQB:HMMR)

“NEW TO THE STREET” and “Exploring The Block” are televised broadcasts on the Fox Business Network reaching up to 100 million homes. Check your local cable provider's channel lineup to find Fox Business Network in your area.


FMW Media Works Corp.’s “NEW TO THE STREET” is a leading provider of business profiles and special corporate sponsored programming. FMW Media Works produces “NEW TO THE STREET” which paves the way to the latest financial issues, offering a blend of business and financial services news reporting and in-depth interviews relating to new products, economic analysis, and public company profiles. “NEW TO THE STREET” airs as paid TV programming and airs in the United States reaching potentially 100 million homes. Visit

About “Exploring The Block” TV

FMW Media Works Corp.’s "Exploring The Block” show’s goal is to showcase, question & explore companies changing the way the world uses data and security using “Blockchain Technology.” The show’s aim is to create a platform to learn about the opportunities and advancements brought about by the invention of “Blockchain.” Through uncovering and interviewing companies utilizing “Blockchain” technology, the shows producers’ hope to explore the potential impact this technology will bring to society. FMW created this program, “Exploring The Block, to provide viewers the most up to date news and insight into this new frontier in ”Blockchains.”

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