World Housing Solution Announces Its Mobile Response Units Division, Bringing Solutions to Disaster-Stricken Areas

Off-the-grid disaster relief response units provide unparalleled return on investment

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, World Housing Solution Inc. (WHS) – a company focused on deployable composite structures, announces its Mobile Response Units (MRU) division.  The MRUs will focus on providing rapidly deployable mobile solutions – like the company’s Clinics on Wheels units –  to places where military, humanitarian and medical resources were inaccessible before.

The company’s MRUs are created to be easily deployable and are ready for  use upon arrival at any location across the globe. These units will provide a quiet, secure and insulated environment that can be customized to meet military and medical grade quality standards.

The MRUs can be completely customized based on the user’s needs and offer a variety of disaster response services to military, humanitarian and medical needs, which in turn can provide a dramatic return on investment for government spending by sharing resources with other MRUs and the surrounding areas to create a self-sustaining grid. Using the integration of WHS’s Elastic Grid™ - a resource allowing each MRU to share power, water and communications - the units are capable of operating off of each other’s utilities, if needed.

“As a company we are passionate about providing safe and reliable expeditionary solutions for the military, humanitarian and medical communities. Our units under the MRU division are designed to be resilient, resourceful and efficient, bringing reliable solutions to those in need while maintaining affordability and sustainability,” said Ron Ben-Zeev, CEO and founder of WHS.

The MRUs can be towed using a standard pick-up truck and can be easily moved and positioned without heavy equipment or forklifts. The units also feature WHS’s military-grade insulation, as well as medical-grade quality standards such as handicap access, HVAC with HIPPA filtration and medical-grade floors, walls and lighting. The exterior of each MRU is protected by a high-performance LINE-X polyurea coating for added durability. Field-tested in extreme conditions around the world, LINE-X coatings are trusted for superior impact and abrasion resistance, UV protection, and corrosion prevention. The addition of a LINE-X coating means each MRU can stay in deployment for as long as needed without the concern of being damaged in transit or from environmental exposure. 

Earlier this year, WHS sent three mobile medical units to the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico to aid in Hurricane Maria relief. These units were medical-grade structures called ‘Clinics on Wheels,’ and were the first deployed response units by WHS under this new MRU division.

“Sending our clinics to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria really opened our eyes to how much mobile solutions are needed, specifically after disasters in underserved areas,” adds Ben-Zeev. “We’re always looking for ways to better revolutionize disaster relief response time and resources, and we are proud to offer a solution that does just that.”

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About World Housing Solution
Established in 2010, World Housing Solution is a design and manufacturing company based in Orlando, Florida that creates deployable composite structures, using rapidly deployable panel (RDP) technologies. The company provides environmentally friendly structures that are long-lasting, easy to assemble, and are highly compatible with alternative energy solutions. In 2018 World Housing Solution expanded their service to include off-grid and mobile solutions through their branch of Mobile Response Units, and placed 444 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. Most recently, three mobile clinics were sent to aid in the relief of those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

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