Adventure Landing Presents Halloween Haunt Nights 2018

Newest Haunted Attraction - Payn Manor - Named After Legendary Local Ghost

Jacksonville Beach, Aug. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Preparations are underway at Adventure Landing in Jacksonville Beach for Haunt Nights 2018! Haunt Nights will begin on October 5th, 2018 and run through Halloween Night, October 31st. This year there will be four Haunted Attractions with over 80 actors! Step into the nightmare of the all new Payn Manor. This exciting new haunt is named after local ghost legend Alpha Paynter, believed to haunt the TacoLu building next door to Adventure Landing on Beach Boulevard. Legend has it that Paynter, who in life ran a boarding house, orphanage and the Homestead Restaurant from that location until 1962, haunts the TacoLu building in general and the ladies room in particular. She has been reported to appear as a shadow, a face in the mirror, make the lights flicker, and hum. The TacoLu location is known as one of the seven most haunted spots in northeast Florida.

Prepare for Four Times the Fear!
From the outside this pleasant manor is everyone’s dream but step inside and the nightmare begins. The maid, butler and grounds men are out for revenge and you are the guest of honor. Once the spell is cast there is no stopping it. You can run but you can’t escape Payn Manor. Then go deep into darkness and fear the creatures in this underworld terror. Nothing appears as it should and pure evil will surround you…awaking your fears in Descent. A much-anticipated Haunt Nights favorite is back - Dark Fables! Fairy tales aren’t what they seem. Creepy characters lurk and wind their way through narrow passages trying to reach and evoke thoughts of fear. Next, visit Pinehurst Asylum. Good luck trying to convince the staff that you are not crazy… the asylum has open rooms and is looking for new patients. You will have to face your fears, but escape is not guaranteed. And since parking is included, you don't have to fear an unexpected parking ticket, that is, if you make it back to your car.

Whether you visit solo, bring a friend, or make it a group trip, you're sure to love the adrenaline-pumping haunted attractions at Haunt Nights. Adventure Landing will offer a Combo Haunt ticket for $26.99 that offers access into all four Haunted Attractions and a Combo Haunt plus single attraction ticket for $32.99; choose between Go-Karts or Miniature Golf. Fast passes to skip the lines are available for $10.00. Discounts tickets are available at participating Walgreens stores.

A complete operating schedule along with pricing can be found on the Haunt Nights website Discounted group rates are available by contacting the park group sales manager at Follow Haunt Nights on Facebook & Twitter for updates, photos, special offers, and contests.

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Haunt Nights 2018

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