Disk Health Prediction for Ceph Mimic

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We at ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. are excited to announce our contribution to Ceph’s open-source community.  Our technology is manifested as the DiskPrediction plugin for Ceph Mimic, and was recently received with great prospect at Ceph Day in Silicon Valley. The DiskPrediction plugin is offered in three different packages – Community On-Premise, Community Cloud, and Commercial Edition.

ProphetStor’s disk prediction technology allows users to replace disks at convenient times in their schedule rather than after random occurrences of device failure. This ensures both operational and performance stability is minimally impacted. With this newly added feature, Ceph users are now able to comfortably maintain their cluster before an OSD fails - drastically reducing impeded performance time from rebalancing. Additionally users can preemptively trigger an OSD out on the problem disk, ensuring the cluster always has the appropriate amount of replicas of each storage object.

The DiskPrediction plugin supports two modes: cloud and local. In cloud mode, the disk metrics and Ceph information is collected from the cluster and sent to a DiskProphet prediction engine over the Internet. DiskProphet in turn analyzes the data and provides its prediction results of disk performance and health back to the cluster. The accuracy of these results are measured at over 95%.

Local mode does not require an external server for data analysis to output results. In this mode, the DiskPrediction plugin uses a light-weight, internal prediction module to provide a less accurate prediction of disks for the cluster. This module comes standard with Ceph Mimic’s latest stable release, and users can turn it on through the Ceph mgr daemon.

DiskPrediction Plugin Offerings for Ceph:

Commercial Edition
Disk failure predictionYESYESYES
Performance predictionNONOYES
Anomaly & Bad Sector detectionNONOYES
Replacement timeNONOYES
Correlation analysis with CephNONOYES

For more details, please contact ceph-sales@prophetstor.com

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