IRIS solutions empower education, at Closing the Gap

September 26th-28th, Booth 414, Minneapolis, MN

Delray Beach, Florida , Sept. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IRIS, transforming documents to knowledge with OCR software and style-driven scanners, is showcasing at Closing the Gap. Teachers, therapists, clinicians, parents and end users can all experience how IRIS solutions empower education and accelerate the learning process by making access to information easy and efficient.

IRIS solutions are designed to make capturing, saving and sharing content productive, with solutions that are portable and easy to use. As teachers, therapists, clinicians and parents and students sift through books, articles, meetings and magazines, IRIS solutions make it easy to save and share the information most relevant to them. This makes learning new techniques or new material faster and easier.

IRIS offers a solution for every document to knowledge need:

IRISPen Air 7
Perfect for going through text books, journals and academic articles, this digital highlighter types what is scanned. All the most relevant information is saved and ready to easily access for review. The information can be sent to a smartphone and shared from there. The digital pen also features simultaneous translation into up to 40 languages when information is read aloud.

IRIScan Book 5
IRIScan Book 5 is designed for educator interested in capturing full articles or chapters. This is the world’s fastest book scanner and it is simply passed over each section, so pages do not have to be detached from books, magazines or multipage files. And thanks to the IRIScan integrated software, documents are stored directly in a multi-page PDF, and not separate PDFs for each page.

IRIScan Mouse
IRIScan Mouse operates as a regular computer mouse with an added feature – this mouse is able to swipe any document and scan the text and images directly to the computer screen! With 400 dpi resolution, this small and portable scanner is fast and fluid, and perfect for educators who want to have all their information on hand, and saved in one place.

IRISNotes is created to keep communication going and open-up the space between people. Teachers or clinicians meeting with students and patients can take notes with the convenience of a classic pen, and the security that their handwritten text is immediately saved and stored in edible text for reference or sharing later. Even graphs and drawings are directly digitalized with IRISNotes, that recognizes 30 languages.

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About IRIS:
IRIS (Canon Group) is a leader in Information Management and offers a full range of innovative technology solutions, products and services. 

For 30 years, the IRIS experts have successfully supported customers around the world and helped them to overcome their main business challenges by using solutions for Digitization and Capture, GED and Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation. 

IRIS helps its clients by providing consulting services, research and development expertise and technology.

The company is headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and serves more than 30 million consumers. These include public organizations (Ministries, European Union), international companies, local businesses and SOHO users. As a technology company, IRIS has built a vast ecosystem of innovation, technology. 
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