ELIX Completes Successful Field Trial at GoMentum Station

ELIX will present at the 4th EVs & The Grid Conference in LA

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ELIX Wireless, the pioneering developer of low-EMI, safe wireless charging technology for eMobility, today announced that it would present its technology at the 4th EVs & The Grid conference on Oct 12th in LA. This conference comes a week after ELIX completed a successful trial of its wireless charging system at the GoMentum Station autonomous vehicle testing site in northern California.

“We have just completed a successful field trial of our E8K wireless charger embedded in a last-mile autonomous shuttle at the GoMentum Station in Concord, California,” said Rosalie Hou, CEO of ELIX Wireless.   “Several customers, investors and partners witnessed first hand, the superiority of our technology. We are very excited to present the progress we have made with our technology at the EVs & The Grid show next week.” 

Dr. Brice Jamieson, Director of Technology for ELIX Wireless will present in a panel discussion at the EVS & The Grid show on Oct 12th at 10.30am at The Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood.

In its 4th year, Infocast’s EVs & the Grid will showcase all of the public and private programs and initiatives that are enabling electrification and is a key event for industry participants as we look forward to an accelerated path towards electric vehicle adoption and the electrification of our entire transportation system. 

By 2020, there are expected to be 10 million autonomous vehicles on the road, but there is still no way for an autonomous vehicle to plug itself in to recharge.  ELIX Wireless solves this problem. ELIX Wireless charging solutions are currently being beta and field tested by some of the leading automakers and autonomous mobility companies in China, USA and Europe.

About ELIX Wireless

ELIX Wireless is a team of passionate innovators who believe that the future of mobility relies on making autonomous vehicles fit seamlessly into our lives and that wireless charging is a key enabler for this.  The ELIX Wireless teams in Vancouver and Shanghai are committed to developing low-frequency, scalable wireless transfer systems that make charging simple, effective, and safe. For more information, visit www.elixwireless.com.

About GoMentum Station

GoMentum Station, located in Concord, California is the largest autonomous vehicle proving grounds designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. This is where private sectors and public agencies come together to achieve one common goal – the safe implementation of Connected and Automated driving technologies. At GoMentum Station, technology, innovation and commercialization converge to define the next generation of transportation network infrastructure. More information about GoMentum Station is available at gomentumstation.net.


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