President Erdogan Calls for UN Reform and Hints at EU Referendum; Queen Rania of Jordan Urges World to Confront Refugee Crisis

ISTANBUL, Turkey, Oct. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- President Erdoğan, addressing the TRT World Forum in Istanbul, called for a radical reform of the United Nations Security Council without which it will be “impossible to have peace and justice in the world”, he said.

In a candid closing address, the President reiterated that: “The world is bigger than five! Does the UN Security Council represent the world? No. Do the countries on the UN Security Council represent all the continents? No. All 7 continents should be represented at the UN Security Council.

“We know that other UN member states need to be represented on the Security Council and most of the members are supportive of our view.

“We saw what happened in Afghanistan, Yemen and the Rakhine State - why? Because the global justice system has collapsed.

“Under the UN’s watch, Israel was able to grow while Palestine has ceased to exist and only in a world of understanding and justice can this be resolved. 

“If you don’t learn the lessons, mistakes of history are repeated. The UN was established to create peace and harmony, yet, unfortunately, they still cannot find an answer to the issues.”

Moving onto the question of the EU, President Erdoğan said that he saw signs that the organisation was nearing its end, remarking that if the situation continued on the same trajectory, the government might ask the 80 million people how they wish to proceed, in a referendum.

The TRT World Forum 2018, recognised as one of the most significant political events of the year, began on October 3rd in Istanbul with the theme “Envisioning Peace & Security in a Fragmented World.

Earlier a keynote speech, Queen Rania of Jordan urged the world to address the global refugee problem.

Her Majesty said: “Our challenge is to confront the harshest realities,” she said, “when we falter, it is the innocent who pay the price.”

“Even in the darkest of places the best of humanity shines through,” she said, “Progress is possible – humankind has already made exceptional strides.”

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