Announcing Hearsay Triggered Advisor Actions – Turning Advisors’ Mobile Devices into Powerful Data-Driven Work Systems, Making Every Advisor a Data-Driven Relationship Manager

New solution from leading fintech firm, Hearsay Systems, addresses age-old gap between Sales and Marketing, Field and Corporate, by leveraging the device which has become an extension of every knowledge worker including advisors - the mobile phone.

Allows corporate teams to trigger timely Advisor Actions through Hearsay patented “click to call” and “click to send” mobile notifications.

All interactions can be analyzed through Hearsay reports as well as auto-synced with any CRM, BI, or marketing system.

San Francisco, CA, Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hearsay Systems, provider of the Hearsay Advisor Cloud for the financial services industry, today announced the general availability of its Advisor Actions mobile solution, which will enable millions of financial advisors, insurance agents, and regulated relationship managers to turn their mobile phone into a smart work system and actualize the ROI of business intelligence, customer relationship management, and other expensive core systems.

As more firms have shifted to a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy, Hearsay Relate (from the company’s earlier acquisition of Mast Mobile), has become the business mobile phone for financial advisors to compliantly text, make and receive calls, and analyze their client touchpoints. Advisor Actions takes advisor mobile productivity to the next level with smart triggers, artificial intelligence, and turnkey financial services-specific workflows, allowing advisors to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape of robo-advisors.

Today, advisors around the world waste over two-thirds of their day on manual processes, such as looking up recommended next best actions in a sales portal, switching to another system such as their phone to manually dial the customer, switching to another system to confirm they are in compliance with industry regulation, and then switching again to a CRM system to manually log their activity. This means they have less time for actual value-added client interactions and that clients are left waiting days and even weeks to get what they want and need.

“It’s 2018, and we can do better,” said Clara Shih, Hearsay CEO and founder. “Like anyone, advisors have their mobile phones with them at all times. Hearsay Advisor Actions removes the guesswork and context-switching, allowing advisors to optimize how they and their staff spend time with simple click-to-call and click-to-send mobile notifications any time and on any mobile device.”

Advisor Actions are enabled by Hearsay’s new Action Card API, which allows for the creation of custom action cards with prescriptive next steps that can trigger any workflow from any core system. Every Hearsay activity included in the workflow is then automatically tracked and captured into Hearsay’s reporting and analytics. Optionally, activities can be automatically synced with any CRM, including Salesforce Financial Services Cloud – without any manual data entry by advisors. For corporate teams which spend billions of dollars each year on CRM, AI, and BI systems, as well as field training, Hearsay Advisor Actions provides unprecedented transparency and real-time insights into advisors’ activities, what’s working, and what’s not being followed up on.

“Having been in this field for many years and connected with clients every day, I see that very little has changed in financial services distribution," says Dewey Bushaw,  Executive Vice President Retirement Solutions Division at Pacific Life Insurance Company. "Delivering important cues to sales reps where they are - which is on their mobile phones - and guiding them with the right actions at precisely the right times, Hearsay Advisor Actions has the potential to completely transform field distribution. For corporate leaders, this means unprecedented field productivity and increased visibility into the actions of every rep that automatically sync to the core CRM system."

Marketing, and digital teams can now measure field performance such as advisors’ response time, frequency of touch and channel performance. For technology and sales operations teams, Hearsay’s compliance capture of all activities provides an unprecedented data sync opportunity, increasing the adoption of CRM in the field and maximizing CRM and BI investments.

Advisor Actions Example: Lead Conversion
From Google AdWords to Super Bowl ads, financial services marketing teams make enormous investments to generate awareness and top-of-the-funnel prospects that are then distributed to the field. Timeliness is key to conversion – 50 percent of sales go to the business that responds first to a prospect. With Hearsay Advisor Actions, for the first time, marketers can trigger “click to call” and “click to send” mobile notifications for agents and advisors to quickly act, follow up and convert a potential new client lead or sell in a new policy – all while remaining compliant.

For example: A corporate marketing campaign directs a prospect to the company's website, where she gets a quote on auto insurance, but doesn't buy the policy right away. This activity triggers Hearsay Advisor Action solution to send an immediate, real-time notification to an agent in that prospect’s city; the agent receives an alert on his mobile device via Hearsay’s newly refreshed mobile app. With a few taps, the agent quickly sends a pre-written, compliance-approved message to immediately engage with the prospect and set up a call. Meanwhile, all these activities are automatically captured in the company’s core CRM,   marketing or business intelligence system.

Advisor Actions Example: Cross-selling Financial Products and Services
Hearsay Advisor Actions also provides advisors with the customer intelligence and prescriptive prompts to introduce new products and services to their existing clients when it matters the most.

For example: A customer looking to buy her first home has just worked with her investment advisor and bank mortgage loan officer to pre-qualify for a mortgage, and this information is logged in the firm’s CRM and other systems. This activity triggers a notification, via Advisor Action, to an agent working within the firm’s insurance line of business. With the new Hearsay mobile app, the insurance agent can one-click access critical customer information and then send a pre-written, compliance-approved SMS to the prospective buyer about homeowner's insurance.

For more information, visit Hearsay’s Advisor Actions homepage.


Hearsay Systems ( offers the Hearsay Advisor Cloud for financial services, digitizing painful manual processes and freeing up advisors to provide proactive, timely service for clients.

Hearsay’s pre-built industry workflows for insurance and wealth management provides one-click actionable suggestions for advisors to engage with clients efficiently and compliantly use social media, websites, text and email to engage with customers, build stronger relationships and grow their business. Built for the enterprise, Hearsay Systems connects these advisor-client interactions and data to corporate CRM systems and digital marketing programs and provides efficient compliance supervision and review workflows – all on a secure, enterprise-ready platform.

Hearsay Systems is used by more than 150,000 advisors and agents at the world’s largest financial services and insurance firms. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Hearsay blog.


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