FMW Media Works Announces Exclusive Partnership With Cultura Colectiva, The Fastest Growing Latin American Media / Tech Company

NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW announces sharing its exclusive digital content of its “New To The Street” and “Exploring The Block” T.V. shows with Cultura Colectiva. As a robust 47 million subscriber-based platform, Cultura Colectiva also receives approximately another 1 billion video viewers monthly. 

Additionally, “Exploring The Block” introduces Cultura Colectiva’s newest “ConTech” platform that connects content creations for a multicultural audience with technology. For 1-year, FMW will feature Cultura Colectiva and its “Tegger” token, teaching viewers ‘HOW’ this token and its cyber currency platform, for the first time in the industry, pay all parties in the advertisement ecosystem.

Cultura Colectiva’s Tegger cryptocurrency token provides income that pays everyone in the advertisement ecosystem - advertisers, publishers, content creators, and consumers. Cultura Colectiva intends to make an ICO by Q2 of 2019 with an objective to reward its audiences and content creators while reading and watching created content.

“This partnership is exciting because of the synergy it gives our US and international clients to reach this expanding, beautiful market, in a way Cultura Colectiva perfected itself with technology. They found a way to ‘have conversations’ with their audience and deliver what consumers want,” states Vince Caruso, President FMW Media Works Corp.   

Over the past year, Cultura Colectiva’s content consumption skyrocketed from the U.S. Hispanics’ viewing audience, which has grown at an exponential rate. Its content consumption increased in the US as a result of marrying technology with content creation. As a result, Cultura Colectiva’s content became viral among young Hispanic audiences.

Thanks to Cultura Colectiva’s ConTech offering, the company discovered a new way to understand audiences and cater content that resonates with its audience.  Cultura Colectiva’s original articles, videos, infographics and other types of content gives an online experience extremely appealing to young Latinos. Cultura Colectiva focuses on creating content that produces conversation among its followers. Engaging its audience creates a unique and successful bond between viewers and potential advertising brands, a significant success in connecting brands with people.

About  Cultura Colectiva:

Cultura Colectiva began as a group of individuals wanting to throw parties that supported artists across Mexico. The company quickly became popular and successful and in five years grew to what is now a 47MM people international community. Today, the website receives more than 7MM unique users. Cultura Colectiva’s Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channels handle and earns more than 40MM unique users per month.

Now as the 25th largest publisher on Facebook (regardless of language), Cultura Colectiva’s platform generates about 1 Billion video views each month. With their critical focus on creating the most appealing content out there, Cultura Colectiva developed an in-house algorithm that analyzes conversation from Cultura’s base across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and can forecast trends and how people will react for different types of content. As a result, five times the engagement rates increased, with Cultura Colectiva now working closely with Fortune 500 companies by distilling people’s opinion regarding goods and services to connect brands with consumers.

About FMW Media Works Corp.

As a global media production company, FMW works as a content curator, and licensor of two current TV business show brands, “New To The Street” and “Exploring The Block.” Starting in 2009 with the launch of the “New To The Street” business TV show, FMW added “Exploring The Block” in March 2018 to serve the interests of the “BlockChain” cybercurrency communities.  FMW broadcasts on FOX Business Network TV across the US and Canada, and to 40 million subscribers in Latin America.  Viewers see both shows from Korean Broadcasting Stations and digital influencers and syndicates in South Korea, and     

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