Pure Pharmacy Group to Offer Molecular You’s Preventive Health Assessments across all Lower Mainland Locations

Brings together conventional and preventive healthcare under one roof

VANCOUVER, B.C., Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pure Integrative Pharmacy and Molecular You, the personalized health company, are joining forces to help customers understand their personal health risks and take preventive action.

Pure Integrative Pharmacy, part of The Jim Pattison Group, will offer Molecular You health assessments through each of its 14 pharmacies in the Lower Mainland. Pure pharmacists and health advisors will be trained on the Molecular You platform and will offer consults to walk customers through their personal health risk assessments and action plans.

The partnership reinforces Pure’s ethos to bring together conventional healthcare and natural alternative healthcare under a single roof. Pure was set up to meet the needs of people looking beyond the conventional healthcare system. Pure’s pharmacies specialize in compounding medications and are staffed with pharmacists and natural health advisors - to cater to individuals with specific health needs.

Pure is the first pharmacy group in North America to offer Molecular You’s personalized health assessments. For Pure customers, it is a chance to get a full picture of their personal health risks together with nutritional imbalances and environmental exposures - and a personal diet and exercise action plan based on their unique biomarkers.

“Our patients want to know how to live longer, healthier lives,” explained Bob Mehr, CEO & Founder of Pure Integrative Pharmacy. “They want to know what supplements they should be taking, how to combat the inflammatory aging process and how to maintain a stable weight. They don’t just want generic information. They want individualized plans.”

“My vision for Pure was always to be more than just a pharmacy dispensing drugs. We are a preventive health hub for our patients,” explained Bob Mehr. “We are excited about partnering with Molecular You because it uses state of the art technology to help people know their personal health risks and then take preventive action.”

“We share Pure’s twin goals of health empowerment and education,” explained Rob Fraser, CEO Molecular You. “We want to help people understand their personal health risks but also to give them the confidence to take control of their health through individualized practical action plans for diet, supplements and exercise.” 

“Many people don’t realize that genetics is only one part of the puzzle,” explained Fraser. “70-90% of your disease risk is actually due to your diet, environmental exposures and lifestyle. Molecular You integrates genetics with environment, diet and lifestyle to give a complete picture of current and future health. The report and lifestyle action plan empowers individuals and their practitioners with the knowledge and guidance to proactively maintain health.”

Molecular You offers a range of packages to suit individual health concerns and priorities. Health assessments can provide insight into existing conditions, family history, age-related concerns and an early warning of diabetes and cardiovascular issues. It can also help to optimize diet and analyze nutritional imbalances, environmental toxins and medication risks.

About Pure
Pure Integrative Pharmacy brings both worlds together, providing integrative health expertise, products, and support, all in one place. Pure aspires to be a Hub of Health. Each location is staffed with qualified natural health advisors and pharmacists experienced in meeting patient needs—whether that be a prescription medication, or a drug mixture prepared in a strictly controlled compounding lab, a natural and homeopathic remedy, a private one-on-one prescription consultation, or a fresh new look from the wide selection of natural supplements and skin care products. Pure has 15 pharmacies across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

About Molecular You
Molecular You is a personalized health company with a mission to help people take control of their health through personal health assessments and lifestyle action plans. The company analyzes the broadest range of biomarkers in North America, from a single blood sample, to give a dynamic view of an individual’s health. MY Health Intelligence™ is the company’s AI-driven digital health platform that brings together biomarkers, expert analysis and the latest global research in a visually intuitive dashboard. MY Health Tracker App helps customers track progress and stay engaged with their Action Plans.

Find us at www.molecularyou.com, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Contact Information:

Julie Jang
Director Communications, Molecular You