FMW Media Works Corp. Announces its “Exploring The Block” TV Show with Two New Featured Clients, Shivom (OMX) and PascalCoin (PASC)

NEW YORK, Nov. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media Works Corp. announces two new featured clients, Shivom and PascalCoin, both appearing on “Exploring The Block” TV.

On November 28, 2018, Shivom (OMX) tapes its first of twelve scheduled televised interviews on FMW’s “Exploring The Block” studios.

Shivom, a revolutionary cutting edge company, continues creating the world’s largest platform for the secure storage and sharing of genomic data. Its growing blockchain platform transforms the healthcare ecosystem and improves lives.

The platform utilizes tokens, called OmiX (OMX). The OMX token fuels the Shivom ecosystem and allows for the exchange of data, products, and services. OMX, a vital component of the system, reward users for their DNA data and associated information, which users can in turn exchange for products and services.

Henry Ines, Chief Executive Office of Shivom, states,“We are excited to announce our partnership with FMW Media Works, the parent Company of ‘NEW TO THE STREET’ and our appearance on their 12-month TV series 'EXPLORING THE BLOCK' which will air on the FOX Business Network at the end of Q4. We look forward to sharing our journey to date as a health-tech startup and showcasing our genomics datahub and marketplace powered by blockchain and AI technology.”

Mr. Ines further states, “Having the opportunity to engage the Fox Business Network's audience allows us to further accelerate our go-to-market strategy, onboard customers at a global level, and ultimately bring greater awareness to our next-generation consumer genomics and clinical R&D solutions."

FMW’s producers believe its audience will find Shivom a fascinating technology and platform that can benefit every human being.

Vince Caruso, President of FMW Media Works Corp., states, “Our DNA is who we are, and this company will show us things we never knew about ourselves.  By following Shivom on their journey over the next year we all can get involved, helping ourselves and our loved ones.

On November 29, 2018, in New York City at the FMW Media Works Corp.’s studio, PascalCoin’s (PASC) CEO sits down with “Exploring The Block” TV for an interview about its cryptocurrency platform.

PascalCoin, a next-generation cryptocurrency, extends the blockchain paradigm with never seen before innovations. The Company launched without any ICO or pre-mine and already fundamentally innovated the blockchain sector. Its Molina-SafeBox model solves the scaling issue and enables PascalCoin to scale for global adoption for centuries to come on today's mobile devices.

PascalCoin’s “Random Hash Proof-of-Work” algorithm solves the mining centralization issue afflicting most other cryptocurrencies. It ensures and fairly issues tokens in small amounts to many hands, not hoarded by a few industrial miners, as other coins are. Its layer-2 roadmap enables a technical foundation for decentralized applications that can truly scale for real-world global adoption.

“Our vision is to deliver decentralized banking, decentralized E-bay, decentralized Uber and much more to the world using PascalCoin as the ‘Layer-1’ financial transport protocol. I’m excited to be on ‘Exploring The Block’so that I can further explain the uniqueness of PascalCoin’s blockchain technology,” states Herman Schoenfeld, CEO PascalCoin Foundation.

“I’m excited to have Mr. Schoenfeld in the studio talking about PascalCoin.  His appearance onExploring The Block’ should provide our televised viewers a very comprehensive understanding on how PascalCoin attains exponentially higher transaction throughput per unit of storage than other, UTXO-based cryptocurrencies,” states, Vince Caruso, President, FMW Media Works.

About “Exploring the Block” TV

FMW Media Works Corp.’s Exploring The Block” show’s goal is to showcase, question & explore companies changing the way the world uses data and security using “Blockchain Technology.” The show aims to create a platform to learn about the opportunities and advancements brought about by the invention of “Blockchain.” Through uncovering and interviewing companies utilizing “Blockchain” technology, the shows producers’ hope to explore the potential impact this technology will bring to society. FMW created this program, “Exploring the Block, to provide viewers the most up to date news and insight into this new frontier in ”Blockchains.” The show’s viewership is over 300 million homes, airing in multiple international TV networks.

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