Chefman Launches Guided Cooking Feature in Chef IQ App

New app feature helps home chefs at all skill levels create the perfect meal with precision cooking

MAHWAH, N.J., Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chefman continues to make waves in the Smart Cooking space in their pursuit to provide a pain-free food prep experience for consumers. With the launch of Chef IQ’s Guided Cooking feature, users can confidently tackle even the most challenging recipes. Chef IQ’s visual cues, instant cooking updates from the app’s smart bar and added calculator feature enhance the cooking experience and help users cook forward, resulting in a comprehensive and enjoyable cooking experience.

From choosing a recipe down to plating and serving, Chef IQ’s Guided Cooking will eliminate every pain point along the way. Users will be able to monitor every step of the cooking process from viewing the unit’s live temperature to the percentage complete of the preheating time. Added video content demonstrating each step of the recipe further eases the cooking process, while the accompanying text provides users with the option to set the recipe’s required temperature right from the recipe itself.

Combining visual cues with technology, Chef IQ’s Guided Cooking feature fully transforms the cooking experience and brings excitement to the kitchen, all the while making the user experience painless. With Chefman’s assortment of professional recipes tailor made for the Chef IQ App, users can experience unparalleled results.

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