PeopleKeys’ New “Trainer’s Toolbox” Products Make Team Training More Interactive

DISC facilitators can energize teams around these new seminar activity tools designed to make learning about DISC more fun, interactive, and effective.

Youngstown, OH, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PeopleKeys, a leading publisher of DISC behavioral solutions, announces new interactive training tools designed to improve interpersonal/group collaboration and communication for live DISC training events.

The DISC Team Wheel Banner, DISC t-shirts, and DISC buttons are the latest products to join the suite of Trainer’s Toolbox products available on the online store.  Now PeopleKeys certified trainers, facilitators, and coaches can provide more interactive activities around DISC concepts, helping teams to learn, grow, and unlock potential together.

PeopleKeys’ Netherlands Distributor, DISCFactor, designed the DISC Team Wheel for use in their own live training sessions. Application of the DISC Team Wheel had become so popular, PeopleKeys coaches requested it be offered in English and made available for purchase in North America.  The DISC Team Wheel has helped to transform the way participants view and learn about DISC in live sessions. The 360 degree view of DISC styles, blends, and opposites provides a colorful backdrop for understanding how styles relate to one another. Organizations who desire better synergy, collaboration and productivity will pay attention to their staff members and where they appear on the wheel. Facilitators can visually map and create dialogue around their DISC personality traits and collaboration methods with this tool. The Team Wheel cloth banner comes in three sizes to fit a variety of training needs, and is accompanied by a descriptive team activities brochure. 

Trainers can inspire teams to “Come Together Around DISC” for live training with the new PeopleKeys DISC Personality System t-shirts. The heavy, cotton t-shirts feature the PeopleKeys logo on the front left side, and the DISC logo with slogan, “People are…predictably different” on the back. T-shirts are perfect for DISC team training sessions, or to simply to start a conversation about why people do what they do.

New DISC Button Pin sets can be worn on DISC t-shirts to announce a participant’s primary work style, as well as an entire group’s DISC group dynamic style. DISC buttons help illustrate working and communication styles so teams, groups, and departments can get in-sync with one another and create a workforce-wide dialogue in the “DISC” language.  

New training tools can be used for:

  • Personal coaching
  • Team building, large groups
  • Developing interpersonal and communication skills
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Developing leaders
  • Sales and customer service training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Live DISC training and certification 
  • Product giveaways to support your independent coaching clients

About PeopleKeys

PeopleKeys, is recognized as an international behavioral analysis expert and leader for over 35 years. PeopleKeys has been providing DISC-based solutions to thousands of companies and millions of individuals worldwide. Their goal is to help people use people analytics to understand how behavioral analysis can enhance relationships, improve productivity, minimize conflict, and unlock the potential in today’s workforces. PeopleKeys’ behavioral courses, assessments, customizations, integrations, as well as training and consulting solutions, have been translated into over 33 languages.


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