It’s Time to Future-Proof Your Workers’ Skills

Both Workers and Employers Acknowledge the Need for New Skills but No System Is in Place to Provide Those Skills. Building a System Requires a Mindset Shift, According to a New Study from the Adecco Group and BCG

ZURICH, Switzerland, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Workers are extremely concerned about the profound impact that technological changes are having on their jobs and expect their employers to support them in the acquisition of new skills. Meanwhile, most companies grasp the importance of giving their workers opportunities to acquire new skills. Yet they are still not investing sufficiently and developing long-term horizons when it comes to skill development. What is needed is a shift in mindset, according to a new report by the Adecco Group and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The report, Future-Proofing the Workforce: Accelerating Skills Acquisition to Match the Pace of Change, is being released today.

Based on responses from approximately 4,700 workers in nine countries and in-depth interviews with executive leaders of companies and institutions, the study provides a window into the preparations being made in the workplace to meet the future world of work. It offers new insights into the view of workers on how they should acquire new skills to meet changes brought about by the advent of new technologies. It also examines the role of companies and public institutions in building new workforce skills.

From the Worker Perspective
Employees are clearly aware that changes are on the horizon:

  • Two-thirds of respondents said they see their job changing significantly at least every five years because of technological advances.
  • A third are concerned about losing their job because of technological advances.
  • Two-thirds say that they themselves are primarily responsible for acquiring new skills.
  • An employer’s skilling policy influences decisions about new positions, according to 77% of respondents.

From the Company Perspective
Companies are facing several challenges, including:

  • The incentive to provide training is a challenge; companies may be paying to reskill employees who, as a result of changes later on, may not continue working for them.
  • Companies have a lot of decisions to make—and in the face of an uncertain future.
  • It’s urgent to act now. Companies cannot afford to make decisions only when the trends are clear. Those that fail to plan and invest now may find that the delay negatively affects their business down the road.

Solutions in Sight
“What is needed is a shift in mindset. Companies and workers need to see the acquisition of skills as a means of future-proofing. They need to adopt a more flexible approach, setting a path to reskilling that can be adapted to changing circumstances,” says Judith Wallenstein, a BCG senior partner and a coauthor of the report.

Notes Alain Dehaze, CEO of the Adecco Group, “In terms of coping with the transformation of the world of work, reskilling and life-long learning are essential. For candidates, it will help them strengthen their employability, and for companies providing learning opportunities, it will make them a more attractive and competitive place to work. The report underlines the importance of businesses, individuals, and policymakers coming together to focus more on employability and life-long learning.”

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

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