Healthy Climate Alliance’s Peter Fiekowsky Presenting at Geography 2050

Climate Restoration is Possible and Achievable

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

MIT-educated physicist and climate restoration expert Peter Fiekowsky will present on a panel of climate thought leaders at the Geography 2050 summit in New York. Fiekowsky will be the first presenter on the panel Social Dimensions of Energy Access at Geography 2050.

Fiekowsky will delineate our collective imperative to not only reduce emissions, but actively remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. He will then discuss two commercially-viable solutions with the potential to draw down atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels.

Columbia University, New York City

November 16, 2018; 11:45 AM-12:45 PM EST

The panel includes Peter Fiekowsky, President of the Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA). A physicist, entrepreneur, and green technology investor, Peter is dedicated to restoring the climate by facilitating the collaboration of organizations and connecting climate restoration solutions with funders, policymakers and media.

Other notable speakers include:

  • Dr. Wesley Herche Associate Director of Research, Global Security Initiative, Arizona State University
  • Ms. Bidtah Becker Executive Director, Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources
  • Dr. Clark Miller Director, Center for Energy and Society, Arizona State University
  • Ms. Elizabeth Monoian Chief Executive Officer, Land Art Generator Initiative

About Healthy Climate Alliance:
The Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA) is an education, networking, and advocacy program of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. HCA’s global dialogue unites the public, policy-makers, and technical and business experts to promote the shared goals of reversing global warming and restoring a healthy climate. HCA encourages achievable solutions for drawing down excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and restoring Arctic ice by 2050. HCA, led by physicist and longtime climate advocate Peter Fiekowsky, is committed to restoring the climate for our children. Find more at

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