Zageno Deepens Engagement with Scientists and Vendors through Its Meaningful and Unbiased Rating System for Scientific Products — Scientific Score gets Algorithm Update

Call for Contributions: Zageno’s rating system for scientific products — the Scientific Score — adds a crucial dimension to help research scientists purchase the right material for their experiment. Scientists: share your experimental data and professional experience about products; Life Science Vendors: provide additional product-specific resources and data points to make your products reach the right scientist

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. USA and BERLIN, Germany, Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zageno Inc., the largest and fastest-growing online marketplace for research materials, today issues an open call for scientists and vendors alike to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Scientific Score. Designed as an unbiased indicator to help purchasing scientists navigate the enormous amount of product information, the Scientific Score is the result of proprietary algorithms calculating and weighing different data points across multiple information formats. Among others, factors like recency of purchase, user interaction on product level, brand performance in the specific category, product performance, quality and quantity of available resources, and the number of provided product specifications contribute to the 0 to 10 scoring range.
The sheer number of factors the algorithm takes into the equation eliminates any opportunity for result manipulation. Hence, the score functions as an objective, unbiased measure of the quality and quantity of information that is available for each product found in the marketplace.

“The Scientific Score is one of our key differentiators in the life science e-commerce vertical, and we brought Christian Böhm on this past summer as our new vice president of scientific content to further a robust and continuously improving life science product rating tool that will become the standard in the industry,” said Chief Executive Officer David Pumberger, Ph.D. “Researchers, vendors, and manufacturers can help enhance the scoring metrics by providing experimental results, sharing validation data, or supplying additional product information.”

Commenting on the algorithm-update, Christian Böhm, Ph.D., said, “With the introduction of our new-generation scoring system, we are making an important step in covering more information than ever before. Today, the foundation of our Scientific Score rating tool comprises more than 75 million product-specific data points for five million product variants — combined with insights gleaned from user behavior, and that is just the beginning. With this collective, 360-degree perspective, the integrity of the score is enhanced — enabling Zageno to offer, in our opinion, the best product-research tool in the industry: a real and unbiased comparison of similarly categorized products.”

By calling upon scientists, vendors, and manufacturers to contribute to the continuous improvement of the scientific score rating system, Zageno encourages and drives an open dialogue, which is key to an overall industry benefit. Contributors, like individual scientists and vendors, can gain more visibility for their studies and product information, respectively — making them more readily accessible to a broader audience; and they can share resources with their scientific peers — to collaborate across lab borders, countries and paywalls.

About Zageno Inc. (; twitter: @ZAGENOteam)
Founded in 2015, Zageno is eliminating bottlenecks to breakthrough science and research through curated connections linking scientists and their institutions’ procurement offices with leading life-science vendors. World-renowned academic and government research facilities, global pharmaceutical companies, and biotechs large and small are already users of our unique online biotech marketplace, currently comprising of about five million products. What do we do? 1) We make purchasing transactions more efficient for both buyers and sellers. 2) We help scientists choose the optimal laboratory kits and materials for each unique experiment setup. 3) We provide a valuable, expanded sales channel for our vendor partners. The growing Zageno team in Cambridge, USA, and Berlin, Germany, includes accessible experts in science, e-commerce, systems integration, and customer support. Our people work directly with customers to enable smarter, faster processes — allowing more time and resources for value-added science and better research results.


ZAGENO's Scientific Score, a product rating system from 0 to 10, makes choosing a life science product on ZAGENO's open marketplace fast and easy. Featured on both product overview pages, as well as product detail pages — the scoring system serves as an additional and comprehensive indicator — leading to quicker and possibly better product choices, saving resources like time and money. ZAGENO’s Scientific Score allows scientists to make better purchasing decisions faster by capturing crucial information that matters to scientists — combining multiple inputs from three significant sources: vendors, scientists, and the ZAGENO marketplace. Vendors provide detailed product specifications and associated product resources. Scientists contribute links to their product-citing publications, as well as product validations and expert opinions. ZAGENO delivers the final piece of the puzzle, feeding in detailed user behavior analytics and product performance data.

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