Ramp and Microsoft Bring Customers Enterprise Multicasting for Live Events

Enterprise video delivery options for Microsoft 365 expanded to include both multicasting and caching

BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The rollout of live event capabilities in Microsoft 365 applications, such as Microsoft Stream and Teams, is fueling adoption of large-scale video communications in the enterprise. In collaboration with Microsoft, Ramp has integrated AltitudeCDN™ Multicast+ and OmniCache™ with Microsoft Stream. Organizations using Microsoft Stream to conduct live video broadcasts can rely on any of Ramp’s enterprise content delivery (eCDN) solutions to prevent video traffic from stressing the corporate network. By offering a complete set of integrated choices for third party network caching (SDN/eCDN), including multicasting and on-premises video caching, organizations have the flexibility to select the delivery infrastructure that best fits their network environment and use cases.  

AltitudeCDN is a software-based infrastructure approach for optimizing video delivery at the network level. AltitudeCDN Multicast+ utilizes the multicast network protocol to distribute a single video stream inside the firewall for all viewers to watch simultaneously. Because of its efficiency and bandwidth predictability, multicasting is highly favored by network administrators who want to protect the network from congestion caused by large numbers of viewers accessing the same video at the same time. AltitudeCDN OmniCache™ is an edge caching solution that stores and redistributes video to local concentrations of viewers, drastically reducing load at the internet connection and across the wide area network. Both Ramp solutions allow network administrators to control video distribution at the infrastructure level, the popular alternative to using application-based distribution where agents are installed on viewing devices and establish a peer network of client machines for video sharing.

“For customers that are broadly adopting live event streaming, optimizing bandwidth on the enterprise network is important for an ideal video viewing experience,” said Vishal Sood, Microsoft Stream Partner Group Program Manager. “Our collaboration with Ramp now gives organizations a way to use an on prem cache proxy and multicast solution to deliver video in a scalable way.”

OmniCache was the first enterprise content delivery network to support Microsoft Stream in 2016 and is now pre-integrated to simplify the setup and administration. The Multicast+ integration was recently enabled through the introduction of the universal program guide that standardizes the configuration of multicast events for any video streaming platform.

More information about AltitudeCDN for Microsoft and a guide for selecting the right eCDN can be found ramp.com.  

About Ramp
Ramp specializes in optimizing the distribution of video behind the firewall to alleviate network congestion and significantly reduce bandwidth consumption. Ramp’s AltitudeCDN™ enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) is a suite of software solutions for multicasting and advanced video caching, two of the most favored approaches for managing the impact of video traffic on the corporate network. Including enterprise administration capabilities and real-time analytics for performance monitoring, AltitudeCDN is common enterprise streaming infrastructure (CESI) that will optimize video from virtually all streaming platforms deployed within an organization. Many providers in our large ecosystem of technology partners have tightly integrated AltitudeCDN with their platforms to simplify deployment and management of the combined video solution and provide a seamless solution that ensures the best viewing experience inside the enterprise. Ramp is headquartered in Boston and can be reached at (857) 202-3500 or ramp.com.


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