Coding Dojo Announces Opening of New Boise Campus to Provide Qualified Tech Talent to Support Idaho’s Growing Tech Hub

Coding Dojo Offers Full Stack On-Site and Online Coding Training, Addressing the High Demand for Future-Forward Tech Skills

BOISE, Idaho, Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coding Dojo, the leading technology bootcamp dedicated to transforming businesses and careers through programming literacy, today announced that its 9th campus will open in January 2019 in Boise, Idaho. Named the fastest-growing city in America, Boise has become a thriving technology startup hub, as evidenced by a 61% increase in the number of tech companies over the last decade. As Boise-based startups and established companies alike look to grow their tech workforce, and as other tech companies look beyond Silicon Valley to hire new talent and expand operations, they need to recruit from an expanded pool of tech talent trained in new and in-demand programming languages.

Coding Dojo offers a fast track avenue for aspiring technology professionals to learn new skills to enhance their future career opportunities in as little as 14 weeks. It also eases staffing challenges for local employers by offering a Registered Apprenticeship program in collaboration with the Idaho Department of Labor that trains, matches, and places highly skilled software developers with companies who need to fill technology positions fast. Apprentices complete the 14-week bootcamp - tailored to the needs of employers - followed by a 6-month on-the-job apprenticeship with an Idaho employer. This earn-while-you-learn program is a win-win for both employers and developers.

Coding Dojo Boise is located at Trailhead, a downtown Boise co-working space that offers great networking opportunities and collaborative synergies for web developers, software engineers and startup founders. 

“Boise is one of the most innovative cities in America for tech companies, and it’s no secret that the tech industry in Boise is becoming one of the strongest in the nation,” said Chris Chung, General Manager of Coding Dojo Boise. “More tech companies are looking to start operations and expand their workforces in Boise, and Coding Dojo is now on the ground ready to help these companies recruit and upskill the best and brightest tech talent who can add value on day one.”

Coding Dojo Boise offers an assortment of curricula, including its flagship three full-stack software developer program in as little as 14 weeks, onsite and online coding bootcamps, and a variety of corporate training programs including onsite workshops, hackathons, networking events and Tech Talks. Established technology brands are partnering with Coding Dojo to take on local technology apprentices. The first cohort is set to begin on January 22nd.

Jay Patel, Head of Operations at Coding Dojo, said “We have found that even the largest, well-established Idaho companies have an entrepreneurial culture and are really focused on innovation. They need more tech resources, and now is the right time for us to be entering this market.”

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