Minnesota Now Providing Appriss Health’s NarxCare and PMP AWARxE to All Prescribers and Pharmacists Statewide

Technologies to Better Assist in Clinical Decision Making and Managing Patient Care

Louisville, KY, Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Appriss Health, provider of the most comprehensive platform for substance use disorder in the U.S., today announced that the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program (MNPMP) is now live on Appriss Health’s NarxCare platform and PMP AWARxE solution. Together, NarxCare and PMP AWARxE aggregate and analyze prescription information from MNPMP and present visual, graphical and advanced analytic insights, machine learning risk scores and more to help physicians, pharmacists and care teams provide better patient safety and outcomes. NarxCare also provides clinical tools and resources that support patients’ needs, including connectivity to treatment options, when appropriate.

Minnesota has made great progress over the past year to help all prescribers and pharmacists statewide identify, manage and prevent substance use disorder (SUD). In October 2018, the MNPMP was queried 695,715* times compared to 89,893 queries in October 2017, an increase of 673.9 percent year-over-year. Minnesota now shares prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) information with 38 states across the U.S. via the PMP InterConnect data sharing hub, as well.

“The Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program was implemented nine years ago to promote public health and welfare by detecting diversion, abuse and misuse of controlled substances,” said Cody Wiberg, Pharm.D., Executive Director, Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, administrators of MNPMP. “We are proud of the recent progress we have made to make innovative technologies available to all prescribers and pharmacists statewide to help address the opioid epidemic. And, we remain wholly committed and unwavering in our support of the goal of the MNPMP – to assist in improving patient care and reducing the misuse of controlled substances for the benefit of all of the citizens of Minnesota.”

Appriss Health’s NarxCare platform and PMP AWARxE solution enable providers and pharmacists to make more informed clinical decisions about patient care. As the opioid epidemic continues to change and evolve, illicit drug events now dominate concern on behalf of federal and state agencies and clinicians throughout the nation. NarxCare transforms static prescription data history into a clinical tool that provides critical insights into risk of overdose and overall patient risk factors, and provides resources including an MAT locator. Identifying patients at risk of an overdose sooner helps mitigate illicit drug events.

“We are pleased to partner with Minnesota on the successful deployment of Appriss Health’s solutions that provide more information to clinicians, in a more meaningful way, to improve patient care,” said Rob Cohen, President, Appriss Health. “Across the nation, today, 1.35 million prescribers and pharmacists utilize Appriss Health’s PDMP solutions to complete more than 15 million patient searches per month to help provide better patient outcomes. We applaud the efforts of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy to help providers more holistically determine if there are any controlled substance prescription use, misuse, or abuse concerns that would suggest further evaluation and/or discussion with their patients about treatment, if appropriate, and to assist in the reduction of their risk of addiction, overdose, and death."

For more information and to learn about the MNPMP, please visit http://pmp.pharmacy.state.mn.us/.

*Total queries include prescribers, pharmacists, delegates, and administrative users granted access according to Minnesota Statutes 152.126. In September 2018 one statewide pharmacy chain and one health system integrated a one-click feature to view a MNPMP report from within their pharmacy dispensing system and electronic health record system via Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway managed service. Previous months reflect system direct queries only.

About Appriss HealthAppriss Health is the provider of the nation’s most comprehensive platform for early identification, prevention and management of substance use disorder (SUD). We provide state government agencies with the most advanced repository of controlled substance dispensing information, and deliver real-time clinical decision support, critical insights and interventions to physicians, pharmacists, and care team members through millions of patient encounters each year. Our solutions enable healthcare providers, pharmacists, and care team members to assess and manage clinical risk in order to positively impact patient safety and health outcomes. For more information, please visit www.apprisshealth.com.


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