PR Tactical Corporation, Inc. Launches New RPG Simulator System

The pyrotechnic equipment simulates the blast, heat, smoke, flash, and smell of rocket propelled grenades for training purposes.

Houston, TX. , Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, PR Tactical Corporation, Inc. released their New RPG II HX Simulator System. With the look, feel, and sounds of an RPG-7, the device is used as a training tool for both warfighters and law-enforcement officers. The principle behind this device, along with other products from PR Tactical Corporation, Inc., is to provide battlefield realism during training exercises with a high degree of safety. 

Although not their first RPG simulator system, the RPG II HX has one main refinement. The system is now wireless which means instead of having to use a wired connection for every shot, the device can fire quick shots seamlessly. This is because the RPG II HX works by helix induction. The user simply has to load munitions in the rocket tube, aim, and fire. Loading difficulties during nighttime training exercises are eliminated with the RPG II HX. The helix induction development has enhanced the reliability and safety, of the PR-RPG II HX, to the level of a magnet adhering to steel. It works every time and will not fire if loaded incorrectly.

The RPG II HX fires four types of training munitions:

  • Report
  • Comet
  • Comet with Report
  • Blank  

When discharged these munitions soar a distance of 75 meters in 1.5 seconds, leaving a smoky trail ending in a loud air burst. Both the RPG II HX and its munitions are ATF exempt.
PR Tactical Corporation, Inc. is a small business based in Houston, TX. They are a verified vendor with an active registration in In the past, they have performed contracts for the United States Armed Forces, along with various state and federal agencies.

The company is operated by CEO and President Perry Sable along with National Sales and Training Director Fred Laughlin. Sable has served the Houston Police Department for 24 years. He is a certified TCLEOSE instructor, security coordinator, and state dignitary protection officer. Laughlin is a U.S. Navy veteran, NRA certified firearms instructor, commercial pilot, and officer in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol.


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