603 and Me Celebrates Significant Milestones

CONCORD, N.H., Jan. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The New Hampshire advocacy organization, 603 and Me, is celebrating its first anniversary.  During its first year of operation, 603 and Me’s news articles and online posts have had viewership in excess of 500,000, the organization has been featured often in statewide press, and now has over 16,000 followers on social media. 

The privately-funded, non-partisan 603 and Me organization was created to increase economic activity in New Hampshire by attracting more employers and employees to the state, as well as bringing more attention to the Granite State as a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.  Not recognized widely, the state ranks highly in a number of important national categories:  #1 state to live; #1 state to raise children; #3 safest state; #3 lowest unemployment; #5 lowest overall taxation; #5 quality of life.  While those living in New Hampshire generally know of these benefits, many outside of the state are unaware of New Hampshire’s attractiveness in these areas, and others.

The mission of 603 and Me is to “Help Spread the Word on all that the Granite State has to Offer”, by highlighting the benefits and advantages of living in New Hampshire, while also recognizing, and bringing attention to, those areas which may inhibit economic growth.  Focus areas such as affordable housing, uncompetitive labor laws, and attracting and retaining young workers, are all acknowledged as being important topics that should be addressed to help the Granite State grow. 

In 2019, 603 and Me will focus on opportunities within specific industries to assess how those industries can help ‘move the needle’ to bring about more prosperity within New Hampshire.  Volunteers of the organization will be working with state and local government representatives, in-state colleges, and other private New Hampshire advocacy groups to bring about the change that is needed to keep New Hampshire competitive nationally in attracting and retaining quality jobs, and to ensure prosperity for all regions of the state. 

Going forward, 603 and Me will also work with local legislators to have the State adopt the slogan, “New Hampshire – America’s Best-Kept Secret”.  In doing so, 603 and Me aims to not replace the State’s popular “Live Free or Die” motto, but instead highlighting to others that New Hampshire is the place to be.

Scott Baker
Founder - 603 and Me