Launch of CEO on Demand, a technological revolution in business coaching for entrepreneurs!

MONTREAL, Jan. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CEO On DemandTM officially launched its services on December 1, 2018. Founded by Luc Brousseau, CEO On DemandTM was specially created to help Quebec entrepreneurs and new startups. The business relies on a network of seasoned CEOs, expert creators and business builders and provides local startups with a wide array of comprehensive business guidance and coaching services, ranging from business plan and commercialization to investor presentations. In real terms, CEOs work closely with entrepreneurs to help them build their business. Startups have 24/7 access to their coach via innovative technological solutions and follow a business model that is customized to their needs.

“Our goal is to teach entrepreneurs how to build a successful business as effectively as possible,” says founder and president Luc Brosseau. “Local entrepreneurs have confided in us about their need for a more dynamic and hands-on approach in developing their business. We have therefore developed a range of services inspired by best practices and added a technological component in order to be available 24/7 over the course of almost a full year. This allows us to intervene more effectively, thereby allowing startups to grow faster and stronger.”

In Canada in 2018, only 1% of the thousands of startups that requested venture capital investments were successful in obtaining the necessary funding. For the experts of CEO on DemandTM, the current mentorship, business incubator, and growth accelerator structure does not fulfill the needs of young startups. As a result, the business has made it its mission to find the best, motivated CEOs who are passionate about sharing their know-how. It then developed a unique support methodology that is both effective and efficient.

“We are very excited about the services provided by CEO on DemandTM,” said Guillaume and Philippe, cofounders of the MovingWaldo startup. “For the first time, we have access to a coach who teaches us tangible skills and encourages us to move forward. Our business is growing by leaps and bounds and we are constantly in touch with our coach. It’s like having a new team member, with experience to boot. It’s very stimulating!”

“We are looking to recruit 30 startups within the next 18 months. We are motivated by the desire to share with young Quebec entrepreneurs the know-how that was passed down to us in the past, and which remains our driving force today. However, we wish to provide more than advice; we want to get involved in the decisions and work with entrepreneurs to launch them towards success,” says Luc Brousseau.

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Luc Brousseau
Founder and President