#ReturnsHappen: ReadyReturns Teams up with Retailers Selling Online to Help Tackle High Product Return Rates

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReadyCloud CRM (https://www.ReadyCloud.com), a cross-channel ecommerce CRM software solution, is helping online retailers streamline the surge in product returns that followed the 2018 holiday season. The ReadyCloud CRM suite features ReadyReturns, which adds an “Amazon-like” returns process to the pages of virtually any web site.

As the reports on 2018 Cyber Monday statistics come in, data shows that consumers spent a whopping $8 billion in a single day this year, setting new all-time records, including new records for Amazon, which had its single biggest sales day ever. Going hand-in-hand with ecommerce purchases is buyer’s remorse, something that can result in as many as 50% of products purchased by consumers being sent back to the retailer.

Data from UPS finds that returns peaked earlier this year than last year, with an estimated 1.5 million returns being recorded during the third week of December, outpacing the first week of January last year (when returns are usually at their highest), which saw only 1.3 million packages returned. CBNC says that: “The early spike in returns can be attributed to more shoppers buying online earlier in the holiday season and retailers that have made it easier to process returns.”

ReadyReturns helps online retailers improve their customer service and the influx in holiday returns.  It is a sophisticated product returns system designed to automate an e-tailer’s ideal returns policy.

“ReadyReturns is the product returns and customer satisfaction solution online retailers have been looking for,” comments Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud CRM, the maker of ReadyReturns. “As a premium Plugin for ReadyCloud CRM, ReadyReturns gives all online retailers the ability to offer a ‘Prime-like’ shopping experience to everybody.”

ReadyReturns lets any online retailer offer “Amazon-Like” returns. It’s compatible with most popular online shopping cart services with no coding required. Now retailers can offer fully automated returns for their customers, giving them the ability to quickly process a return from any internet-enabled device.  The user experience is both friendly and familiar and is expertly delivered on mobile devices to support the way today’s consumer likes to shop.  If the consumer buys on mobile, they want to process their return on mobile.

Every return label generated is a pay-on-use label, so the retailer is not billed for shipping unless the label is actually used.  ReadyReturns gives the insights into return shipments that every retailer needs including who processed the return, when, what’s in the box and when to expect it.

“Having a user-friendly and seamless returns system in place for your customers is critical in the relationship-building process,” Lazar adds. “If you make buying easy but returning hard, your customers will just buy from somewhere else in the future. With ReadyReturns powering your return policy, though, you can raise the bar of service and score big in the form of improved loyalty and long-term retention.”

ReadyCloud believes that all online retailers deserve a cross-channel CRM. That’s why they offer the first 2 weeks at no cost, with no credit card required to start using the service. ReadyReturns can be activated for as little as $99/month.

New users can gets started in less than 5 minutes by visiting: https://wwwReadyCloud.com

Learn more about ReadyReturns by visiting: https://www.readycloud.com/readyreturns-ecommerce-returns-software

See ReadyReturns in action by viewing this demo: https://youtu.be/qQ_9ULG-dZc

Got questions? Call ReadyCloud direct at: (877) 818-7447.

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About ReadyReturns

#ReadyReturns is a premium plugin for the #ReadyCloudCRM ecommerce suite. ReadyReturns adds “Amazon-Like” returns to the pages of virtually any website. Hassle-free returns improve customer confidence and deliver second-chance sales opportunities by bringing consumers back to the site where they made their original purchase.

#ReadyCloud CRM is rocket fuel for customer loyalty and sales in today’s ecommerce world. A cross-channel ecommerce CRM solution, ReadyCloud features robust customer order timelines complete with shipping and return information, invoice and tracking number, notes, group calendar, tagging, email marketing integrations, detailed reporting, shipping profitability reports, and so much more. New features are being added every month.

ReadyCloud starts with CRM, and can be further expanded with premium plugins like #ReadyShipper, a hybrid-cloud shipping software solution, and #ReadyReturns, an automated online product returns solution.

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