For V-Day, 88 Percent Say It’s the Thought That Counts, 46 Percent Admit Financial Infidelity

New survey by fintech firm OppLoans discovers that Valentines are happy to receive less expensive gifts — but only if the presents are thoughtful.

Chicago, Jan. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- How can consumers save money on Valentine’s Day? Easy: buy a thoughtful present.

In a new survey commissioned by fintech firm OppLoans, an overwhelming percentage of Valentines — 88 percent — said that it’s more important for a present to be thoughtful than expensive. Forty-one percent said a thoughtful present could cost $0 and they’d still be happy with it.

The survey polled 1,400 American adults who plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their romantic partner. The results were released today through OppU, the financial education arm of OppLoans.

According to the survey, a thoughtful present would need to cost, on average, at least $39.16 to make a Valentine happy. A thoughtless present, on the other hand, would need to cost $71.70 to please a Valentine — an 83-percent premium.

While many people are happy to receive less expensive gifts, the survey suggests that a large percentage of Valentines nonetheless enter the holiday with high expectations.

  • 57 percent said they would be upset if their partner didn’t get them anything.
  • 41 percent said they’ve felt pressured to spend more than they want.
  • $75.60 is the average amount that Valentines want their partner to spend on them.

Given the emotional buildup, it might not be surprising that many Valentines splurge on their celebrations. However, a significant percentage have used credit cards and loans to finance purchases they couldn’t afford, and a shocking number admit financial infidelity.

  • 21% have used a loan to pay for Valentine’s Day.
  • 53% have used a credit card to pay for Valentine’s Day presents they couldn’t afford.
  • 26% have spent $500 or more on Valentine’s Day.
  • 46% have committed financial infidelity by overspending and hiding the cost from their partner.

“Valentine’s Day is a time to show loved ones you care,” said Matt Pelkey, who led the research for OppLoans. “But breaking the bank to do it is risky, and it isn’t what Valentines want.”

The full survey results — as well as a shareable infographic — are available on the OppU blog.


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We surveyed 1,400 Valentines about what they want for the holiday. According to the results, thoughtful presents would need to cost at least $39.16 to please. A present that isn’t thoughtful, on the other hand, would need to cost at least $71.70 to satisfy a Valentine.

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