SimplyFun Releases New Life & Thinking Skills Game

Nite Lights focuses on developing spatial reasoning and strategy

Seattle, WA, Jan. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SimplyFun, LLC., publisher of award-winning educational board games, releases Nite Lights, a new Life & Thinking Skills game that focuses on spatial reasoning and strategy skills.

Nite Lights, a 3-D board game, is for two to four players ages ten and up. Players stack their Firework Cards and blocks on the board by creating and matching color patterns. The first player to send all six of their Show Blocks into the night sky wins.

“With Nite Lights the idea is to help with spatial reasoning in more than just a 2D environment. By building upwards and on levels, players are challenged to think visually about the patterns while also considering the ways that their cards can be rotated,” said Stacy Longstreet, Director of Product Development and Sourcing at SimplyFun. “This is something new to our library. We have a few 2D spatial reasoning games, but this is our first 3D game at this age level.”

Life and Thinking Skills, one of four skill sets that are the focus of game development at SimplyFun, include evaluating options, learning from mistakes and making informed choices. SimplyFun games that hone in on these skills help to prepare children to analyze situations to make proper decisions. Other skill sets at SimplyFun include Reading & Language Arts, Math & STEM and Social Sciences & Studies.

About SimplyFun 

SimplyFun believes in the undeniable power of shared play to learn, grow, and realize our fullest, brightest potential. We champion a vibrant, play-based education that enriches our families and ourselves. To contribute to what’s truly important in life—the potential of our children, the success of our schools, and our own personal fulfillment.

Founded in 2004, SimplyFun provides its Playologists (Independent Consultants) the opportunity to make a difference for kids and families with its skills-focused board games while earning income through direct sales opportunities in person and online.


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