PR Tactical Corporation, Inc. Releases New Multi-Receiver Kits for Pyrotechnics

The PR Remote Kits 2, 4, and 6 create battlefield conditions for the training of warfighters and law enforcement alike.

HOUSTON, Texas , Feb. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PR Tactical Corporation, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their newest Multi-Receiver Kits. Officially titled PR Remote Kit 2, PR Remote Kit 4, and PR Remote Kit 6, the devices serve the purpose of setting off multiple pyrotechnic explosive simulators from a distance.

Like other products offered by PR Tactical Corporation, Inc., the PR Remote Kits are designed for the purpose of training law enforcement officers and warfighters. This is done by creating realistic battlefield conditions with explosions, but with an emphasis on safety. They feature a blast, flash, and smoke, but no fragmentation.

Each kit comes with a handheld transmitter and each receiver fires two separate cues. Kit 2 fires off four cues, Kit 4 fires off eight cues, and Kit 6 fires 12 cues. They can be fired in sequence or separately on command.

These kits are ideal for impromptu or dynamic training scenarios. They are also highly useful for training personnel around the real-life threat of improvised explosive devices.

The PR Remote Kits 2, 4, and 6 also have features such as:

  • ½ Mile Range
  • Fully Encrypted Signals
  • Water-Resistant Pelican Box Packaging
  • Easy Concealment

PR Tactical Corporation, Inc. is a small business based in Houston, TX. They are a verified vendor with an active registration in In the past, they have performed contracts for the United States Armed Forces, along with various state and federal agencies.

The company is operated by CEO and President Perry Sable along with National Sales and Training Director Fred Laughlin. Sable has served the Houston Police Department for 24 years. He a certified TCLEOSE instructor, security coordinator, and state dignitary protection officer. Laughlin is a U.S. Navy veteran, NRA certified firearms instructor, commercial pilot, and an officer in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol.


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