Business Destinations transports readers to Buenos Aires in its latest issue

LONDON, Feb. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Argentina has puzzled economists for decades, having gone from one of the most prosperous nations in the world a century ago, to one that now struggles with rampant inflation and poverty. In the latest issue of Business Destinations, Courtney Goldsmith explores how a generation of young entrepreneurs are now breathing new life into the capital city of Buenos Aires, which has become a hotbed of innovative start-ups.

But just as foreign investors begin to direct funds to the volatile economy, yet another financial downturn has soured the mood. The spring issue of Business Destinations examines whether the country’s tech start-ups can do enough to put Argentina back on the world stage.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Sophie Perryer looks into the lives of digital nomads – travelling workers who are reinventing the typical route of career progression. While these jet setters are inspiring a whole new way of working, they are also threatening to disrupt the urban economies that rely on spending from permanent residents to support local businesses.

Meanwhile, as the democratisation of travel makes the market increasingly competitive, Barclay Ballard dives into how the tourism industry is using marketing tactics of ‘place branding’ to give cities new identities. While brand campaigns can pay dividends, they also pose a risk for tourist boards.

Elizabeth Matsangou then goes on to explore the rise of LGBTQ tourism and the power of the so-called ‘pink dollar.’ Once a niche market, gay-friendly travel continues to become an increasingly prominent segment in today’s tourism industry. Market implications aside, this shift also marks a momentous step in the progression of cultural attitudes around the globe.

For more on these stories, plus a look at tribal tourism, Hawaii’s struggling tourism sector and how the devastating fire at Brazil’s National Museum has shined a spotlight on underfunding in the arts, pick up the latest issue of Business Destinations, available in print, on tablet and online now.

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