National Education Community Convenes on February 12-13 to Develop a Vision for Remaking Middle School

UVA’s Youth-Nex Center and Curry School of Education & Human Development, the Association for Middle Level Education, New York Life Foundation, and Altria Partner to Host a Summit that Realizes the Promise of the Middle School Years

Charlottesville, Va., Feb. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As young people find their voice, develop long-lasting relationships and learn at an unmatched pace during the middle school years, they also navigate significant cognitive, social, and physical changes. On February 12-13, educators, youth development professionals, researchers, policymakers, and out-of-school time staff from across the country will attend the Remaking Middle School Summit in Washington D.C. Sponsored by UVA’s Youth-Nex Center and Curry School of Education & Human Development, the Association for Middle Level Education, New York Life Foundation and Altria, the summit will be hosted by Gallup. Together, attendees will establish a path forward for remaking middle schools in ways that both support and recognize the strengths of early adolescence.

“We have a unique opportunity to remake the future of learning for young adolescents now,” said Nancy Deutsch, director of Youth-Nex and its Remaking Middle School initiative, one of the sponsors for the summit. “With powerful developmental research and a cross-section of stakeholders here that can influence policy and practice, we can begin to transform middle schools into learning spaces that foster the inherent talents of our young people--and capitalize on the opportunities that come with this period of great developmental change.”

The Remaking Middle School Initiative at the Youth-Nex Center aspires to elevate a robust body of research that the education field can use to ensure the middle grades support young adolescents’ developmental needs. Through the initiative, adults across the classroom, school building, and community can employ research-based practices to shape learning experiences that address students’ needs and elevate their innate strengths.

“Middle school is a critical time for both promoting positive outcomes and preventing risky behaviors for youth," said Jennifer Hunter, Senior Vice President for Communications and Corporate Citizenship at Altria Group. “Creating developmentally supportive and enriching middle school environments for all young people is key to developing resiliency and good decision-making.”

“We are delighted to help bring researchers, practitioners, and policy makers together as part of this effort."

The middle grades years, in particular, have become increasingly important for young people on the path to success in college and career. While young adolescents are expanding their cognitive capacities, they also are in a prime position to develop the 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking that are integral to success in the future workforce. With both a supportive, inclusive environment and team of educators that are empowered to serve as guides and mentors, young people can realize long-lasting, academic success and psychological well-being.

“Middle school is a pivotal time for students.  If a young person is “on-track” by the end of 9th grade they are four times more likely to graduate from high school,” said Marlyn Torres, senior program officer, New York Life Foundation. “Our hope in supporting the “Remaking the Middle School Summit” is that we can collectively develop positive solutions to improve the social and educational outcomes of young adolescents to prepare and position them for success.”   

Roughly 150 leaders from across the education field will participate in the Remaking Middle School Summit, sharing and engaging with a significant body of research on early adolescence and practice in middle schools. Together, they will leverage this research to generate a national vision for middle school—and offer tangible solutions to transform the middle grades. A few featured speakers will include:

  • Stephanie Marken, Executive Director of Education Research at Gallup
  • Na’Ilah Nasir, President of the Spencer Foundation
  • Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, CEO of the FrameWorks Institute

“Truly remaking middle school will require a big coalition that draws from the varied perspectives of those steeped in the research; from those with big voices in the field to those working with youth everyday,” said Jason Cascarino, strategic advisor to AMLE and the middle school education work funded by New York Life Foundation.

“Together, we can create a bold, new middle school experience, in school and out of school, where young people engage in inquiry-based, personalized learning experiences, form invaluable, lifelong relationships, and have the opportunities to explore who they are and the many, powerful possibilities ahead of them,” said Cascarino.

Following the Summit, attendees will serve as part of a growing, cross-sector network devoted to implementing this action agenda—and boldly reimagining middle school in America.


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