The State of Texas Honors its Service Industry Professionals with Proclamation

February 13th proclaimed Hospitality Industry Appreciation Day, honoring 1.3 million professionals working in Texas’ service industry

AUSTIN, Feb. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, released a proclamation today, claiming “2.13” as Hospitality Industry Appreciation Day to honor those professionals who work in the  hospitality industry in the state of Texas. Two Austin-based communities - Seasoned and In the Weeds -  teamed up to secure the day on behalf of the industries they serve.

In Texas, more than 1.3 million people work in the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, making the state the second-largest employer in the Leisure and Hospitality sector according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2018 data.  

The hospitality industry encompasses a wide array of business, from hotels to restaurants to event planning and more.  Whether preparing a warm meal for a neighbor or providing lodging for travelers, the hard workers who sustain this industry go out of their way to make all that enter their establishments feel welcome.  

“Texans are known for their can-do spirit and generous hospitality. I join in recognizing and celebrating the importance of the hospitality industry in Texas, and encourage everyone, Texan and non-Texan alike, to explore this industry’s contribution to the state’s continued growth and prosperity,” said Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas.

“Seasoned’s mission is to continually improve the lives and livelihoods of the food service professionals we serve,” said Ware Sykes, CEO at Seasoned. “We believe in rolling up our sleeves to plant roots in the communities we call home. For us, that starts in the capital of this great state, Austin and the 125,000+ people serving in the city’s restaurant, retail and hospitality sectors. We’re honored to bring this proclamation forward and grateful to Governor Abbott for recognizing February 13th as Hospitality Industry Appreciation Day.”

“It’s an honor to be a champion for this industry,” added KC Hensley, founder of the In the Weeds and Community and Development Manager at Seasoned “My hope is that we can all take time - whether we’re service industry professionals or not - to give back to and strengthen our industry any way we can.”

Seasoned and In the Weeds share a similar vision to connect and build a community for service industry professionals that provides training and inspiration for better growth, better opportunities, and better livelihoods.

About Seasoned
Seasoned is the first hospitality-centric community designed to connect professionals with jobs and career-development resources, as well as employers with qualified candidates. From cooks and dishwashers to servers and hosts, gig workers to lifers, Seasoned aims to help improve the lives and livelihoods of those who work hard serving others. Seasoned is a sister company to restaurant industry veteran, HotSchedules, also a TPG Growth-funded company. Visit to learn more.

About In the Weeds
In 2013, In the Weeds began as a Facebook group with the mission to unite the service industry through education, positivity, and a supportive community. Today, the community is made up of over 12,000 members in Austin and a growing base in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. This year, Seasoned and In the Weeds teamed up to build a messaging and collaboration app to better connect the service-industry network. The app is now in beta for the greater Austin area and available for download on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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