Contracting Management Officer to Join Live Federal Contracting Webinar on Feb. 20.

US Federal Contractor Registration will host the webinar on their client-only Masterminds Facebook group.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. , Feb. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Wed. Feb. 20, US Federal Contractor Registration will host a live webinar at 2 pm EST on their private, Masterminds Facebook group. This webinar will be hosted by USFCR President Dan Driscoll and Training Coordinator Anna Rose, with Luis Montanez as this week’s guest. Federal contractors who got registered through USFCR are encouraged to attend this session and ask questions. This week’s episode is especially notable since Luis Montanez is a Contracting Management Officer for the Army Reserves.

As a contract specialist, Montanez has played a key part in procurement and contract administrative functions. Some of his duties have included requirement analysis, revising statements of work/specifications, identifying suitable contract types, procurement planning, as well as negotiating and briefing vendors. His experience will provide a great perspective for federal vendors attending the webinar. Since 2012, he has also been the CEO of Concrete Design and Repair, which is based out of Marietta, Georgia.

In this week’s Masterminds webinar, Driscoll, Rose, and Montanez will go over:

  • Past Performance
  • Certifications
  • Price
  • Networking
  • Tips for vendors from Montanez’s experience.

USFCR’s Masterminds was started in December 2018. As mentioned before, it is a private Facebook group that is only available to USFCR clients. On top of live, weekly webinars, the group serves as a networking space for federal vendors. Businesses can reach out to each other for teaming and subcontracting opportunities.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s most trusted third-party government registration firm. Since 2010, they have helped businesses enter the federal sector with their System for Award Management (SAM) registration service. Registration in SAM is required for any business seeking federal contracts and grants. They also provide resources such as bid training, contract search technology, and assistance with set-aside certifications. Some of their notable clientele have included Amazon Web Services, Hewlett Packard, Goodwill, and the U.S. Army.



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