Fast-Tracking Fresh for Mid-Market Retailers: iTradeNetwork Introduces a New Fresh Trading, Traceability and Supply Chain Analytics Platform

DUBLIN, Calif., Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iTradeNetwork, the leading global provider of on-demand supply chain management and intelligence solutions for the food and beverage industry, is proud to announce a new fresh trading, traceability, inspection, and analytics platform specially tailored to ambitious mid-market retailers.

“Our next-generation OMS platform is designed to help mid-market retailers thrive in an increasingly competitive environment where certain players, like Amazon/Whole Foods, use extremely advanced procurement and distribution technology to do business,” notes Ashish Kumar, OMS Product Manager. “It also opens our network of over 5,000 growers, shippers, and distributors to the mid-market, so that they can both connect quickly with thousands of suppliers that have been trading on our flagship platform for years, but also add new suppliers very easily as consumer trends change and new product opportunities emerge. Not only that, the next-generation version of OMS also integrates with our traceability, inspection and analytics solutions to provide a one-stop platform that visualizes retailers’ supply chains in real-time.”

Out of the box, OMS offers the mid-market a wealth of features to optimize their food and beverage supply chains, including:

  • Comprehensive order-to-cash processes
  • Event-oriented dashboards and alerts
  • A native mobile app for Android and iOS, in addition to the desktop version
  • Configurable calls-to-action
  • Flexible onboarding options for quick go-to-market and full back-end integration

“Our research tells us that mid-market retailers who excel in providing a broad range of products, including organic and locally-sourced, engage with their consumers in innovative ways like mobile delivery, and expand into growing areas like fresh-to-go and ready-made meals are particularly well-positioned to thrive. The OMS Platform is designed to help the mid-market either launch or extend these types of capabilities to their customers,” adds Nathan Romney, Head of Product Management and Sales Enablement for OMS.

iTrade will begin hosting a webinar series soon showcasing the OMS platform as well as the broader traceability, quality control, and analytics advantages this makes available to mid-market retailers, in advance of a release in the coming months.

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