America’s newest political party to kick off in South Carolina; sets a bold vision and agenda for South Carolina and America

The Alliance is geared to impact 2020 elections

COLUMBIA, S.C., Feb. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At a press conference held at the State House, local political leaders today launched the Alliance Party of South Carolina, the state affiliate of the Alliance Party, the nation’s newest political party. South Carolina is the first of 22 states to launch in a fast-growing nationwide movement. 

The Alliance Party of South Carolina (APSC) is the result of a merger in October 2018 between the former American Party of South Carolina and like-minded political parties across the country to form the new, national Alliance Party.

“The Alliance Party of South Carolina isn’t a conventional political party. We’re part social movement charting a trajectory for political change to return America to its foundation of government for the people, by the people and of the people,” said Oscar Lovelace, M.D., chair of APSC and key speaker at the press conference. Lovelace is the former vice-chair of the American Party of South Carolina and a former Republican South Carolina gubernatorial candidate.

“As America’s new national movement, the Alliance will provide the critical mass to allow South Carolina to field local, state and national candidates who can compete for votes against the broken Republican and Democratic monopoly,” said Lovelace.

The Alliance is the culmination of a decades’ long movement of independent voters, veterans, former moderate Democrats and Republicans, and centrists, whose views, values and futures are no longer represented by the existing divisive and paralyzed two-party monopoly plagued by partisan gridlock.

“The Alliance is on a fast track because of the magnitude of the problems facing our nation and the destructive manner in which our current two-party system chooses to lead,” said Jim Rex, Ph.D., national vice chair of the Alliance, former chair of the American Party of South Carolina and former state superintendent of education. “The Alliance has set a bold vision for America, and we have an agenda to match that vision, one as bold as the challenges facing our nation are great.”

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