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Men and women receive significantly different performance feedback potentially impacting their future behavior

Melbourne, Australia, March 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Culture Amp, the Culture First employee feedback company, recently released findings from their performance feedback data stating that the feedback men and women receive during performance reviews can substantially vary. In general, male employees receive more specific “work-related” feedback where female employees receive more “personality-based” feedback. The dataset encompassed nearly 25,000 peer feedback reviews across a performance cycle of nearly 1,500 employees.  These results were particularly profound in technical divisions of the company.

Culture Amp, which is well-known for their research around diversity, inclusion and belonging, found that peer feedback provided by both male and female reviewers tends to focus equally on work- and personality-phrasing for male employees (for example, a work-related phrase might be “Nick should gain more technical expertise in nonparametric ML models”) where female employees are nearly 1.4x more likely to receive personality phrases from male reviewers (such as “Sue is a great team player and very easy to work with”) and less likely to receive work-related phrases. The gap is even more profound when Culture Amp looked at feedback from managers. While the balance of work-to-personality phrasing was equal for male employees, for female employees it jumped to 1.9x when it came to receiving personality phrases versus .5x receiving work-related phrases.

Priya Sundararajan,  Senior Data Scientist at Culture Amp, said, “These findings are significant because we know that feedback reinforces behavior, hence it creates an ongoing cycle of gender bias where women are not getting as much feedback as men about their actual work performance.”


Gender gap disparities that impact drivers of engagement

In a separate survey of 1,000 companies encompassing 25,000 individuals, Culture Amp questioned if there were differences in engagement drivers between male and female employees. The findings show that male and female employees agree that work/life balance, flexible work schedules and access to learning and development opportunities are fairly well divided across the gender gap. That’s the good news! Where more gender parity is sorely needed is around the areas of Voice (open and honest communications; “I am heard”), Fairness (“administrative tasks are fairly divided”; “I have an equal opportunity to succeed”) and Diversity (“my company builds teams that are diverse”). In fact, in a recent survey the gap between these important drivers of engagement was 8-10 basis points less for women than men across a global, diverse survey set.


About Culture Amp

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