Convey Expands Networked Portal Solutions for Channels

Connected Portals Create Knowledge & Marketing Networks for Sales Partners

ATLANTA, March 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today announced expanded availability of its portal technology to increase the efficiency of content and marketing delivery and enhance member engagement. Convey is rolling out its networked portal solutions as stand-alone partner relationship management (PRM) systems, customer resource centers, internal knowledge centers, and membership platforms. Convey’s portal networks are currently deployed in the telecommunications, cloud & IT services industry, property & casualty insurance and foodservice distribution.

“Convey’s capabilities are unique in creating standardized portals throughout a network, then connecting them for knowledge sharing,” said Convey CEO Carolyn Bradfield. “Convey is the only solution on the market to allow networked portals to distribute different content and marketing campaigns to defined member classes. Portals are engineered to communicate with channel sales agents, inside or outside sales partners, customers, and association and non-profit member organizations. Businesses and associations can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. Content can be segmented by vertical market, regional operations or member groups.”

Convey’s proprietary hub and spoke technology features a centralized hub portal where content and marketing assets are managed and then distributed to secondary portals connected to the hub. This unique ability allows information from vendors and suppliers, as well as internally generated video, audio and graphic content to be selectively shared with any of the ‘spoke’ portals in the network. Convey’s networked portals can be open to the public, restricted behind a log-in, or accessible by logging into an administrative portal using single sign-on credentials managed by the Convey API. A CRM integrated into every portal manages members of the site and provides reporting to monitor activity and viewing habits of everyone that logs in.

Convey’s newly released Conduct™ technology, integrated into each portal, can be used to assist sales partners with marketing outreach. Hub portals generate email marketing campaigns, and distribute them to networked portals where members can deliver them to prospects and customers. Campaigns can be general in nature or sponsored by specific vendors and suppliers. Convey’s network portal solutions are available for a fraction of the cost of other partner portals or PRM solutions and can be operational in days, not months, with little or no programming or IT support.

About Convey Services
Convey Services manages networks of connected content and marketing portals designed to inform, educate and engage channel partners and direct sellers in the telecom/cloud space, the property and casualty insurance market and food distributors. Convey is the expressway connecting vendors & channel partners and the accelerator to get faster revenue results.

Convey’s portal technology automates and organizes partner management and integrates email marketing technology for outreach to members and enables members to run email marketing campaigns to their customers and prospects. For information visit, or call 888-975-1382.

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